Search Engines

Alta Vista

AltaVista claims to be the largest Web index, providing simple search and advanced search. A search result of AltaVista lists up to 10 best matches of the search terms first and indicates approximate number of matches. For each item listed, are given name or title, brief note, author or person in charge, URL, size and date indexed.


Displays a main menu for searching in three main areas: (1) "Also Search" for Usenet, yellow pages, white pages, email addresses, domain names, classifieds, top news sites, stocks, etc.; (2) "Browse by Category" including in the social sciences business & finance, society & politics, and reference & education; (3) "Browse WIRED Collections on", such as new media, new economy, new technology, and new policy. Search can be conducted by word in the last week, in North America and can be specified for image, video, audio, and shockwave.


Displays a menu of six choices: InfoSeek Guide, New Search, Big Yellow, World News, Fast Facts, and the iZone. Some topics are self-explanatory. The main menu for New Search lists twelve popular topics: arts & entertainment, business & finance, computers & Internet, education, government & politics, health & medicine, living, news, reference, science & technology , sorts, and travel.


"Catalog of the Internet," provides A2Z Directory Search by Subject and Point News and Web Reviews. It lists sixteen subjects for browsing: Arts/Humanities, Bus./Finance, Computers, Education, Entertainment, Government, Health/Medicine, Internet, Just for Kinds, News/Info, Science/Tech, Shopping, Social Issues, Sports, Road Less Traveled, and the World.

Northern Light

Named after a clipper ship built in 1851 for its speed and ground-breaking technology, contains two categories of search: search for the entire World Wide Web, and search for Special Collection. Special Collection is broadly classified into sixteen categories, including social science subjects, such as business & investing, education, government, law & politics, and social sciences in general. If an item is not what is needed, refund will be made on a no-question-asked, money-back-guarantee.


Displays several choices, such as What's Hot!, About Open Text, Products & Services, Search the Web, Livelink Intranet, Livelink Commons, and other Languages. Open text's Livelink enables Boolean and proximity searching, phrase searching and field searching and offers relevance ranking of searching, audits corporate servers, provides detailed


Information is arranged by category and sub-category. Yahoo's main menu displays 14 categories in alphabetical order, such as art, business and economy, education, government, reference, social science, society and culture and so on.

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