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An analysis of five vocal works of Bright Sheng. Su Sun Wong, D.M.A., University of Texas at Austin.

Art, culture, and Chinese-American experiences: a case study at a Chinese community-based school. Mei-Fen Chen, Ph..D., Indiana University.

Asian (Chinese) American adolescents self-image and their perceived parental supportive behaviors. Lawrence Chen, Ph.D., Rosemead School of Psychology, Biola University.

Changes in racial effects by social class statistical analysis of the wages of White, Black, and Asian American men, 1960-1990. Yuko Mizuno, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin - Madison.

Chinese American attitudes towards seeking psychotherapy. Herbert A. Chew, Ph.D., Pacific Graduate School of Psychology.

Chinese Americans in management. Pingsheng Huang, Ph.D., Walden University.

Chinese ethnicity in the Houston primary metropolitan statistical area. Brian Ernest Swanland, Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin.

Chinese-American and Jewish Christians toward a multi-racial religious education theory and a new testament curriculum. Russell Glenn Moy, Ph.D., School of Theology at Claremont.

Chinese-American and White adolescents' reasoning about academic achievement. Lin Flachmeier Cerles, Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley.

Chinese-Americans' perception of therapy: a qualitative study. Kit Seng Ng, Ph.D., Texas Woman's University.

Coping styles and stress levels of Chinese-American mothers of disabled children. Peiling Su Farajallah, Ph.D., University of Arizona.

Cultural and contextual influences on the emotional responding of Chinese-American and European-American couples during conflict. Jeanne Ling Tsai, Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley.

Cultural, linguistic, and family factors' influence on the academic performance of junior high school Chinese-American students. Shu-Ya Zhang, Ph.D., Fordham University.

Development of place-value numeration concepts in Chinese children: ages 3 through 9. Sy-Ning Chang, Ph.D., University of North Texas.

Health behavior and culture: a study of Chinese-American families in the Cleveland area. Tina Huey-Ling Wu, Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University.

Heritage language retention in second-generation Chinese Americans. Jennifer Joy Li, Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles.

Internal working models of attachment to parents and close friends. Linda Rose Cote, Ph.D., Clark University.

The internalization of the model minority stereotype as a predictor of expression among Chinese Americans. Jessica Lin Chen, Ph.D., California School of Professional Psychology, Los Angeles.

The lure of the land ethnicity and gender in imagining America. Iping Joy Liang, Ph.D., University of Massachusetts.

Managing masculinity: race and psychoanalysis in Asian-American literature. David Lin Eng, Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley.

Modeling the distribution and shift of Chinese Americans in the United States: an analysis by trend surface expansion. Yo-bin Ho, Ph.D., Ohio State University.

Nation, migrancy, and identity: the negotiation of a third space in Joyce's "Ulysses," "Rushdies," "The satanic verses," and Kingston's "Tripmaster money". Kun-Liang Chuang, Ph.D., University of Southern California.

"No tickee, no shirtee": Chinese laundries in the social context of the Eastern United States, 1882-1943. Joan Shiow-Huey Wang, Ph.D., Carnegie-Mellon University.

The power of myth: a study of Chinese elements in the plays of O'Neill, Albee, Hwang, and Chin. Niu Bai, Ph.D., Boston University.

Re-negotiating and re-rooting Chinese identities in the "Diaspora". Andrea Louie, Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley.

San Francisco's "Chinatown": race and the cultural politics of public health, 1854-1952. Nayan Bhupendra Shan, Ph.D., University of Chicago.

A study of marital satisfaction in Chinese-American couples: the impact of levels of acculturation and gender role attitudes. Yat-Ming Cassandra Ma, Psy.D., Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

A theory of pitch organization in the early music of Chou Wen-Chung. Eric Chiu Kong Lai, Ph.D., Indiana University.

Validation of a stress scale for Asian American college students and variables related to their perceptions of stress. Stephanie Ann Falk, Ph.D., Loyola University of Chicago.

Women's voice and resistance: a bicultural perspective. Pauline Ip Luk, Ed.D., Columbia University Teachers College.


Academic achievement of Chinese-American immigrant adolescents with limited English proficiency as related to family socioeconomic status, students self-concept, and years of schooling. Chengmo Bao, Ph.D., New York University.

Academic discourse in networked computer classrooms: a psychoanalytic perspective (and) "no higher listener": an analysis of the ethnic woman writer in Maxine Hong Kingston's "The woman warrior". Jeffrey W. Klausman, D.A., Idaho State University.

Ancestors and foreigners: topological "ghosts" in Asian-American literature. Susie Lan Cassel, Ph.D., University of California, Riverside.

Asian-American and Chinese-American suicide in San Francisco. Roibert Eugene Blinn, Jr., Ph.D., Pacific Graduate School of Psychology.

Asian-American racial identity: an examination of world views and racial adjustment. Alvin Nemeno Alvarez, Ph.D., University of Maryland College Park.

Assimilation or exclusion: the image of the Irish and the Chinese in American popular prints, 1850-1882. Judith Claire Huber, Ph.D., University of Virginia.

Between China and America: the Trans-Pacific history of the Chang family. Haiming Liu, Ph.D.., University of California, Irvine.

Biography of Hsue-Shen Tsien: the story of an American?trained Chinese rocket expert. Jingsheng Dong, Ph.D., Auburn University.

Chinese culture as pre-text/pretext: a study of the treatment of Chinese sources by Ezra Pound, Pearl buck and selected contemporary Chinese-American writers. Qingmin Zhou, Ph.D., George Washington University.

Chinese immigrants, African-Americans and the problem of race in the United States, 1848-1882. Najia Aarim, Ph.D., Temple University.

Chinese-American business women: their impact, needs, and cultural challenges. Michele J. Gee, Ed.D., University of San Francisco.

Cultural criticism and identify construction: narrative literature of contemporary Chinese writers in the United States. Ning Ning Yang, Ph.D., University of Hawaii. 1996

The cultural identification and narcissistic personality approach response of intermarried and intra-married Chinese-American women. Christine Hom, Ph.D., California School of Professional Psychology - Berkeley/Alameda.

Daughters from another shore: material influences in selected fiction of Chinese-American daughters of immigrant mothers. Sonia Mary Chess, Ph.D., University of Hawaii.

A decolonized reading of Jean Rhys's "Wide Sargasso sea" and Maxine Hong Kingston's "The woman warrior". Min-Hsiou Hung, Ph.D., University of Washington.

Ethnic identity and cultural adjustment difficulties of Chinese-Americans. Kwong-Liem Karl Kwan, Ph.D., University of Nebraska - Lincoln.

Expectations of Chinese-American parents for the cultural and educational development of their children. Yuan Feng, Ph.D., University of Washington.

Exploring attribution patterns between spouses: a comparison of United States and Mainland Chinese couples. Valerie Ann Stander, Ph.D., Purdue University.

Exploring how families influence the high academic achievement of Chinese-American students. Peter H.S. Chun, Ed.D., Brigham Young University.

Factors affecting the help-seeking preference of Asian-American college students experiencing depressive symptoms. Minh-Thu Thi Le, Ph.D., California School of Professional Psychology - Los Angeles.

"Forever foreigners" or "honorary Whites?": the salience of ethnicity for multigeneration Asian ethics. Mia Tuan, Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles.

Gender differences in nurturant behavior: nurture or nature- Marv Rohrer, Ph.D., Saybrook Institute.

Healing the phallic wound: the construction of manhood and identity in literary works by male Chinese American writers. Yichin Shen, Ph.D., Rutgers University.

Impact of acculturation on the development of self among Chinese-Americans. Singkin Yue, Ph.D., Wright Institute.

Lands of her own" the Chinese-American woman in two pioneering texts. Patricia May-Lynn Wong, Ph.D., State University of New York at Binghamton.

Living between the worlds: Chinese-American women and their experiences in San Francisco and New York City, 1848-1945. Hua Liang, Ph.D., University of Connecticut.

Perceptions regarding utilization of professional counselors among non-client Chinese-Americans: a qualitative study. Hwei-Fen Zoe Gau, Ed.D., East Texas State University.

The relationship between parenting style, level of culture change and depression in Chinese living in the United States. Elisabeth R. McKenna, Ph.D., Pacific Graduate School of Psychology.

Self-regulation of hypertension among Chinese elderly. Shu-Fen Kao, Ph.D., University of Illinois at Chicago.

Social support, stress, and depression measurement and analysis of social well-being, mental health, and quality of life in a context of aging and Chinese culture. She-Ying Chen, Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles.

Strangers within our gates: a study of four first-generation Chinese immigrant men's autobiographies, 1930s-1940s. Hongjun Su, Ph.D., University or Iowa.

Unsettling frontiers in the American West: Robinson, Kingston, Silko. Jean D. Beck, Ph.D. University of Oregon.

Work values, acculturation and job satisfaction among Chinese immigrant professionals. I-Heng Chen, Ph.D., New York University. 1996

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