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Adjustment problems perceived by Chinese students attending universities in the metropolitan Washington, D.C. area. Chyi-Ching Kao, Ed.D., Catholic University of America.

An Asian-American awareness group experience for Non-Asian counselors in training. Edwin Emmanuel Antonio Manzano, Ed.D., Boston University.

Frontier religion in an era of transition: Los Angeles, 1848-1885. Michael Eric Engh, University of Wisconsin - Madison.

Identity and Chinese-American experience: a study of Chinatown American literature since World War II. Mao-Chu Lin, Ph.D., University of Minnesota. Informal self-seeking behavior among Chinese-Americans. Yah-Jong Chou, Ph.D., New York University.

Locus-of-control and associated factors of Chinese-Americans and mainstream-Americans. Buck Hong Woo, Ph.,D., California School of Professional Psychology, Los Angeles.

Predictors of college achievement among Chinese students from diverse sociocultural backgrounds. Ramsey Ding-Yee Koo, Ed.D., University of San Francisco.

Public education for high school Chinese students: assimilation into American society. Peter Kwok Kwong Ho, Ed.D., University of Massachusetts.

Reaction to conflict in Chinese/U.S.A. interrelationships: the nature of discontented responses. Chen-Lung Ringo Ma., Ph.D., University of Florida.

The relationship between acculturation and mental ability pattern for Chinese-Americans. Judy Quan, Ph.D., University of California, Davis.

The relationship between language, culture, and BEM sex-role inventory scores. May Huang, Ed.D., University of San Francisco.

Stressful life events, coping, social support, social network, and locus-of-control in relation to psychological symptoms of Chinese elderly in the United States. Yih-Jia Chang, Ph.D., Temple University.


Acculturation and self-disclosure: interaction effects on perceptions of Asian-American males and females. Glenn Isao Masuda, Ph.D., University of Washington.

Asian-American and Black identity: validation of a self-identity development model of oppressed people. Amy Louise Reynolds., Ph.D., Ohio State University.

Chinese American early childhood socialization in communication. Genevieve Man-Hing Lau, Ph.D., Stanford University.

A comparison of child rearing practices among Chinese, Chinese-American and Non-Asian American parents. Chin-Yau Cindy Lin, Ph.D., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

A cross cultural study of attitudes toward death and dying between Chinese and American college students. Michael Tain-Chung Hwang, Ed.D., Drake University.

Development of a manual for a culturally related evangelism program for Chinese churches in North America. Edward K. Knettler, D.Min., Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

An exploration of the relationship between ethnic identity and preferences for counselor race among Korean and Chinese-American college students. Gene Isamu Awakuni, Ed.D., Harvard University.

Fertility, labor supply and investment in child quality among White and Asian-American women. Suchittra Chamnivickorn, Ph.D., University of Illinois at Chicago.

From marginality to bimodality: immigration, education, and occupational change of Chinese Americans, 1940-1980. Michael S. H. Chang, Ph.D., Stanford University.

The initial adjustment of Chinese and Korean graduate students to a large university in the United States. Hsiao-Ping Cheng, Ph.D., University of Georgia.

Psychoeducational approach with chronically mentally ill Chinese-Americans: a cultural framework. Lily M. Tom, D.S.W., City University of New York.

Self concept correlates of Asian American cultural identity attitudes. Sally Ryung Lee, Ph.D., University of Maryland.

Social support networks of Chinese American chronic psychiatric patients. May Kwan Lorenzo, Ph.D., Simmons College.

The use of drugs by children ages 8-12 in an inner city elementary school of a Northeastern metropolis. Lydia Romero de Alvarez, Ed.D., Columbia University Teachers College.


A Chinese-American community: the politicization of social organizations. Chuen-Rong Yeh, Ph.D., Michigan State University.

Correlations between spiritual well-being, self-esteem, and social desirability for Chinese-Americans in the Northwest. Elsa Wong, Psy.D., Western Conservative Baptist Seminary.

Cultural ideology and aesthetic choices: a study of three works by Chinese-American women - Diana Chang, Bette Bao Lord, and Maxine H,. Kingston. Wei-Hsiung Kitty Wu, Ph.D., University of Maryland.

Acupuncture in Florida: history, regulation, and policy. Christine Robin Geiser, Ph.D., University of South Florida.

The adaptations of recent Chinese immigrants: a qualitative study. Tai Ming Michael Woo, Ph.D., Washington State University.

Correlations between spiritual well-being, self-esteem, and social desirability for Chinese-Americans in the Northwest. Elsa Wong, Psy.D., Western Conservative Baptist Seminary.

Crossing the cultures: the experience of Chinese students in the U.S.A. 1900-1925. Weili Ye, Ph.D., Yale University.

The enclave economy and immigrant incorporation in New York City's Chinatown. Min Zhou, Ph.D., University of New York at Albany.

An evaluation of the spiritual well-being scale: reliability and response measurement. Daniel Dale Brikkman, Psy.D., Western Conservative Baptist Seminary.

An exploratory study on the recruitment of bilingual Chinese social workers. Pauline B. Mei, D.S.W., City University of New York.

A five-year church growth plan for the South Pasadena Chinese Baptist Church. Andrew Ing-Shih Tsai, D.Min.,Fuller Theological Seminary, Doctor Ministry Program.

The forces without: the regulation of Chinese female immigration to American, 1852-1882. George Anthony Peffer, D.A., Carnegie-Mellon University.

Guarding the "Whiteman's frontier": courts, politics, and the regulation of immigration, 1891-1924. Lucy Elizabeth Salyer, Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley.

Metacognitive strategy use: a comparative study of Chinese graduate students reading English as a second language at universities in the United States. Jin Dai, Ed.D., Oklahoma State University.

Parental contributions to aspects of ethnic development among four- and seven-year-old Chinese-American children. Kowhei Sophia Lin, Ph.D., Oregon State University.

Perceptions of achievement in "model minority" undergraduates. Cheryl Ann Taniguchi, Ed.D., Harvard University.

Perceptual learning style preferences and their relationship to language learning strategies in about students of English as a second language. Laura Ann Rossi-Le, Ed.D., Drake University.

A phenomenology of emergent meaning from dialectical questioning and answering in adult learning Western and Chinese perspectives. Xue-Ming Bao, Ed.D., Northern Illinois University.

Religion and social problems in gold rush California: 1849-1869. William Mead Muhler, Ph.D., Graduate Theological Union.

The self-image and acculturation of Chinese-American adolescents. Stanley Luke, Ph.D., Northwestern University.

A study of adjustment problems of Chinese students in selected high education institutions in U.S. Hang Lou, Ph.D., University of Minnesota.

A study of the influence of communication apprehension and communication competence on Chinese students' adjustment in two universities of Ohio. Chi-Min James Liu, Ph.D., Ohio University.

A survey of Chinese students in the United States,1979-1987 . Jesse Chain Chou, Ed.D., Columbia University Teachers College.

Symptoms of eating disorders among Asian-American college female students as a function of acculturation. Kris Yongmi Yi, Ph.D., California School of Professional Psychology, :Los Angeles.

Tracing the origins of a "model minority": a study of the depictions of Chinese-Americans in popular magazines. Colleen Valerie Jin Fong, Ph. D., University of Oregon.

World views, expectations, and attitudes about seeking psychotherapeutic help: a study of Asian-American college students and the acculturation process. Katherine Denison Klein, Ph.D., California School of Professional Psychology, San Diego.

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