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Chinese youth and American educational institutions, 1850--1881. Amy Nelson Rangerter, Ph.D. , George Washington University.

Collecting objects/excluding people: Chinese subjects and the American art discourse, 1879--1900. Lenore Metrick-Chen, Ph.D. , University of Chicago.

Constructing Chinese America in Hawai'i: The Narcissus Festival, ethnic identity, and community transformation, 1949--2005. Jinzhao Li, Ph.D. , University of Hawaii. Ethnic identity, acculturation and mental health concerns in Chinese-Americans in the United States Toan D. Vuong, Ph..D. , Pacific Graduate School of Psychology.

Longitudinal trajectories of ethnic identity among urban low-income ethnic and racial minority adolescents Kerstin Pahl, Ph.D., New York University.

Phenomenological study of Chinese students' academic and social integration on campus. Yanmei Zhang, Ph.D., University of Florida.

Species of afterlife: Translation and displacement in twentieth-century Chinese-English contexts (Arthur Miller, Gao Xingjian, Maxine Hong Kingston, Amy Tan, Ha Jin). Belinda Wai Chu Kong, Ph.D., University of Michigan.

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