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Acculturation, locus of control, and self-concept among first-generation Chinese-American adolescents. Christine Chi-Ping Cheng, Ph.D., St.. John's University (New York).

"American eyes": Ancestor worship and the place of the traditional in Asian-American literature Khanh Si Ho, Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles.

Brokers between worlds: Chinese merchants and legal culture in the Pacific Northwest, 1852--1925. Todd M. Stevens, Ph.D., Princeton University.

The conceptions of freedom in contemporary Chinese and Chinese American fiction: Gish Jen, Yan Geling, Ha Jin, Maureen F. McHugh. Yupei Zhou, Ph.D., Kent State University.

Consumption and identity in Asian American coming-of-age novels. Jennifer Ann Ho, Ph.D., Boston University.

Contemporary women warriors: Ethnic, gender, and leadership development among Chinese American females. Mei-ying Chen, Ph.D., University of Washington.

Disaggregating the relationship between stress and major depression in Chinese Americans. Wei-Chin Hwang, Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles.

The effect of postmarital cohabitation with in-laws on level of acculturation and marital satisfaction of Chinese-American women. Louisa F. Lam, Ph.D., Seton Hall University, College of Education and Human Services.

Examination of cultural differences and cultural variables related to somatic symptoms expression between Chinese-American and European-American college students. Robert S. Chang, Ph.D., Hofstra University.

An exploratory study of European-American women's and immigrant Chinese women's perception of emotions in in-group interactions Kong, Kin Ching Kong, Ph.D., DePaul University

Factors affecting the retention of culture in Chinese-American women. Chi Yu Ko, Ph.D., Alliant International University, Los Angeles.

Generational consonance and dissonance: Acculturation, parent-child relationships, and adolescent adjustment in Chinese American families. Su Yeong Kim, Ph.D., University of California, Davis.

The influence of acculturation and community on the academic achievement of Chinese-Americans: A case study at Stuyvesant High School (New York City). Tzong-Jin Lee, Ed.D.,Columbia University Teachers College.

The influence of cultural beliefs, acculturation, and the Health Belief Model on breast self-examination practice among Chinese American women. Hoa H. Ngo, Ph.D.,Alliant International University.

Materializing the modern, middle-class body: Menstruation in the twentieth century United States Lara Freidenfelds, Ph.D., Harvard University.

Mental health of Chinese-American children in San Francisco Chinatown (California). Theresa Laurel Lock, Ph.D., Alliant International University, San Francisco Bay.

Play therapy with Chinese-American children: Cultural considerations. Bradley Alan Siu, Psy.D., Alliant International University, San Francisco.

Relationship between ethnic awareness, identification, preference and acculturation of early elementary school Chinese-American and White children: A doll study. Genevieve Mireille Nicole Gin, Psy.D., Hofstra University.

Situational variation in ethnic identity and psychological well-being: A Palm Pilot study of Chinese-American students. Tiffany Yip, Ph.D. , New York University.

Spirited flesh: An intuitive inquiry exploring the body in contemporary female mystics. Vipassana Christine Esbjorn, Ph.D.,Institute of Transpersonal Psychology.

A study of Chinese-American family caregivers of a mentally ill relative: A look at predictors of caregiving outcomes. Mouchuan Teddy Chen, Ph.D., Columbia University.

Who are we serving? Clinic-based versus school-based services for adolescents. Ralph John Torraco, Ph.D., California Institute of Integral Studies.


"Brains at a bargain": Refugee Chinese intellectuals, American science, and the "Cold War of the classrooms." Benjamin C. Zulueta, Ph.D., University of California, Santa Barbara.

Chinese American women's ethnic identities: A qualitative study. Ting-Ying Wu, Ph.D., Alliant International University, San Francisco Bay.

Confucius on the couch: Time-limited dynamic psychotherapy (TLDP) and the Chinese American population. Winnie Li, Psy.D., The Wright Institute.

Knowledge, participation, and needs of Chinese-speaking parents of primary-grade children with disabilities. Lusa Lo, Ed.D., University of San Francisco.

The role of Chinese-American and African-American parents in the academic achievement of their children Author: Tanner, Tyrone Tanner, Ed.D., University of Houston.

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