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Ancestors in the Americas (

a PBS video series, explores Athe history and legacy of Asians in the Americas.@ The series, produced by the Center for Educational Telecommunication, consists of eight sections, such as programs, companion book, viewer guides, historical documents, movie clips, series overview, tell your stories, and discover your ancestors. Its APrograms@ section has three parts: (1) collies, sailors & settlers: voyage to the new world; (2) Chinese in the frontier west: an American story; and (3) Crossing a continent, crossing the pacific. The three parts cover a period from the 1700s to the 1900s. Its section of AHistorical Documents@ contains court decisions and regulations and is still under construction at the time of visit in March.
Buttlar, Lois and Lubomyr R. Wynar. Building Ethnic Collection: An Annotated Guide for School Media Centers and Public Libraries. Littleton, Colo.: Libraries Unlimited, 1977. 434p.

Arranged into two major parts, plus a directory of producers and distributors of audiovisual materials, an author index, a title index, and an audiovisual index. The first part consists of a section on reference sources. The second part is arranged alphabetically under individual ethnic groups with necessary cross references. It lists 2,286 items.

Dunn, Lynn P. Asian Americans: A Study Guide and Sourcebook. San Francisco: R & E Research Associates, 1975. 111p.

"This book is one of a four volume series on American minorities (one volume each on Blacks, Chicanos, Native Americans, and Asian Americans). In each volume three themes are treated: identity, conflict, and integration/nationalism. Each volume may serve in itself as a text or guide for the student or teacher in the study of a particular minority" (Introduction). Each section comprises three parts: The guide is a study outline in historical and chronological development and to the parallel study outline is "Notes and Sources" which provides references to sources and sidelights. Appended with "Asian-American Bibliography."Introduction, Guide and Source-book, and conclusion.

Fischett, P. R. The Ethnic Cultures of America: A Reference Source for Teachers, Librarians, Administrators, and Human Resource Directors. Washington, D.C.: Educational Extension Systems, 2000 388p,

Deals with numerous ethnic cultures, including Chinese.

Haseltine, Patricia, comp. East and Southeast Asian Material Culture in North America: Collections, Historical Sites, and Festivals. New York: Greenwood press. 1989. 163p. (Material Culture Directories, number 3) .

A directory of repositories of material culture, historical sites, and current festivals of groups from East and Southeast Asia in the United States and Canada. It consists of three chapters: (1) collections of objects and photographic and historical records in museums and historical societies; (2) sites of Asian American significance, and (3) current festivals reflecting material culture traditions. Arranged alphabetically by state or province, then by municipality, and then by name of institutions. Appendixes: glossary, bibliography.

Johnson, Harry A., ed. and comp. Ethnic American Minorities: A Guide to Media and Materials. New York: Bowker, 1976. 304p.

Divided into five chapters covering Afro-Americans, Asian Americans, Native Americans, Spanish-Speaking Americans, and other ethnic minorities. Emphasis is placed on audio-visual materials. The work is annotated and indicates grade levels.

Kim, Hyung-chan. Asian-Americans and Congress: A Documentary History. Westport, Conn.:Greenwood Press, 1996. 596p.

Kim, Hyung-chan. Asian-Americans and the Supreme Court: A Documentary History. Westport,Conn.: Greenwood Press, 1992. 1164p.

Levisson, David and Melvin Ember, eds. American Immigrant Culture: Builders of a Nation. New York: Macmillan Reference USA, 1997. 2 vols.

Prepared under the auspices ajdnw9thn the support 9f the Human Relations area Files at Yale University it is "a compendium of knowledge about the non-indigenous cultural groups of the United States" (Preface). The work does not cover indigenous people of the United States - American Indians, Eskimo people, Aleutian Islanders, and native Hawaiians. They are covered in the Encyclopedia of World Cultures.

U. S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare. Office for Asian American Affairs. Asian American Reference Date Directory. Prepared by RJ Associates. Washington, D.C., 1976. 482p.+

Contains abstracts of some 480 items, mostly periodical articles and reports, related to the health, education, and social welfare of Asian Americans. Each abstract gives, in addition to bibliographical citation, study methodology, findings and conclusions, and availability. The word reference is used loosely to denote any material for research, program planning and evaluation. four indexes: subject, geographic, subgroup, and name. Appendixes include a supplementary listing of references of about 320 items, technical references, curriculum materials, and resources.

Wu, Cheng-Tsu, ed. "Chink!" New York: World Publishing, 1972. 289p. (The Ethnic Prejudice in America Series).

A documentary history of prejudice against Chinese in America. Preceded by an introduction which serves as a general review of Anti-Chinese prejudice from the earliest time to 1970. The book is divided into four chapters basically in chronological arrangement. Each chapter has a short review on the topic followed by a series of documents and articles

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