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Asian American Chronology. Detroit: Gale Group, 1995. 160p.

Contains significant social, political, economic, cultural and professional events of Asian Americans with more than 90 illustrations, maps, and charts.

Cheng, Henry, comp. A Chronology of Chinese in New York City: 1970-1990. Hillcrest, N.Y.: Outer Sky Press, 2003. 213p. (Bernadette Yu-ning Li, gen. ed. Chinese American Studies Series)

Text in Chinese. Events are arranged by year and under each year by date. The chronology is continued and expanded not limited to New York City by "Chinese Americans: Major Events in 2002, January 1-15" in New Flushing Journal, Jan. 2003; pp.124-74; "Chinese Americans: Major Events in in 2002, January 16-31" in New Flushing Journal, Jul. 2003, pp. 147-98; "Chinese Americans: Major Events in 2002, February 1-28, 2002" in New Flushing Journal, Jan. 2004, pp. 132-227)

The Ethnic Chronology Series. Dobbs Ferry, N.Y.: Oceana.

The series, beginning publication in 1971 provides a quick reference to dates, source materials, and bibliographies on such ethnic groups as Blacks, British, Chinese, and Dutch. It was updated by the title below:

Lankevich, George H. Ethnic America, 1978-1980. Dobbs Ferry, N.Y.: Oceana, 1981, 434p.

Tung, William L. The Chinese in America, 1820-1973: A Chronology and Fact Book. Dobbs Ferry, N.Y,: Oceana, 1974. 150p. (Ethnic Chronology Series Number 14).

A brief history of the Chinese in the United States divided into three parts: (1) Chronology, from 1820 to September 1973; (2) Documents, including laws, treaties and court cases; and (3) Bibliography, a listing of books, pamphlets, and government documents, not annotated. Appendixes: Chinese organizations in Washington, D.C. and several American cities with large Chinese population, listing name only.

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