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Barton, Josef J., comp. Brief Ethnic Bibliography: An Annotated Guide to the Ethnic Experience in the United States. Cambridge, Mass.: Langdon Associate, 1976.

Arranged by subject, including general works, works about specific groups, literature, ethnic politics, journals and newsletters, ethnic press, reference works, bibliographies, archives and special collections, and statistical soruces. About 10 items are related to Chinese Americans.

Cohen, David, comp. Multi-ethnic Media: Selected and Bibliographies in Print. Chicago: Office for Library Service to the Disadvantages, American Library Association, 1975. 33p.

An annotated list of over 220 books, articles, pamphlets and organizations on ethnic groups divided into three parts: I, Bibliographic essays; II, Bibliographies; and III, Sources of information. Less than one-tenth of the items relates to Asian Americans.

Haller, Elizabeth S. American Diversity: A Bibliography of Resources on Racial and Ethnic Minorities for Pennsylvania Schools. Harrisburg, Penn.:Pennsylvania Department of Education, 1969. Reprinted 1970 and 1973. 237p.

Haller, Elizabeth S. 1971 Supplement to American Diversity: A Bibliography of Resources on Racial and Ethnic Minorities for Pennsylvania Schools. Harrisburg, Penn.: Pennsylvania Department of Education, 1971. 60p.

These two bibliographies are annotated aiming at assisting school personnel in locating resources to implement curriculum requirements for elementary and secondary schools in Pennsylvania. Divided into sections according to ethnic groups, including Oriental Americans. For each entry, is given an approximate reading level. Three indexes: author, audiovisual, and title.

Kim, Hyung-chan, ed. Asian American Studies: An Annotated Bibliography and Rresearch Guide. New York: Greenwood Press, 1989. 504p. (Bibliographies and Indexes in American History, number 11).

Lists 3,396 entries in twenty-seven topics grouped in two parts: (1) historical perspectives, and (2) contemporary perspectives. Each topic classifies entries in general into books and monographs, periodicals, and theses and dissertations. Most entries are annotated.

Liyama, Patti, Setsuko Matsunaga Nishi, and Bruce D. Johnson. Drug Use and Abuse Among U.S. Minorities: An Annotated Bibliography. New York: Praeger, 1976. 247p.

"'Drug abuse' in this bibliography refers primarily to opiate, in the main heroin, addiction... The introductory essay, written by Bruce Johnson and Setsuko Natsumaga Nichi, reviews and assesses research literature and policy on drug use and abuse" (Preface). The bibliography of books and articles, compiled by Patti Liyama is organized in five racial minority groups: Blacks, Asian Americans, Mexican Americans, Native Americans, and Puerto Ricans.

McCutcheon, James M. China and America: A Bibliography of Interactions, Foreign and Domestic. Honolulu: University Press of Hawaii, 1972. 75p. (East-West Bibliography series).

A selective list of nearly 700 books, articles, and unpublished theses chosen mainly from secondary works in English published through the spring of 1971. Of particular usefulness to the study of American-Chinese are its chapters on Chinese immigration and exclusion and on Chinese community in America.

Miller, Wayne Charles. A Comprehensive Bibliography for the Study of American Minorities. New York: New York University Press, 1976. 2v.

Miller's bibliography has the same arrangement of the author's Handbook noted in the Handbooks section. It reproduces the Handbook and adds the bibliographical sources for each group.

Miller, Wayne Charles, ed. The Annual bibliography, 1976-1978. University Park: Pennsylvania State University Press, 1985-1986.

Continues the previous Miller's works. The work covers all disciplines in the humanities and the social sciences in forty-four groupings. A total of 21,000 entries of books, monographs, theses, and periodical articles were included.

Nance, Elisabeth and others. A Community of People: A Multi-Ethnic Bibliography. Portland, Oreg.: Educational Media Department, Portland Public Schools, 1974. 140p.

An annotated bibliography of books and other materials for children and young adults. A section on Asian-Americans gives 91 items arranged alphabetically by author or title grouped under heritage, folklore, poetry, fiction, 16mm films, and non 16mm audiovisual.

Oaks, Priscilla. Minority Studies: A Selective Annotated Bibliography. Boston: G.K. Hall, 1975. 303p.

A listing of 1800 items, divided into five parts: 1, General studies; 2, Native Americans; 3, Spanish Americans; 4, Afro-Americans; and 5, Asian Americans. Sections on "General Asian Americans" and "Chinese Americans" give about 100 titles of books and periodicals and one court case on Chinese Americans.

Overseas Chinese newspapers in the last hunred years in North America

The listing below is cited from "The hundred years development of Chinese overseas newspapers in the United States," by Chi-lan Wang. The work written in Chinese is a master's thesis published in 1986. Ms. Wang classified newspapers into three periods: (1) early period, (2) developing period, and (3) Sino-Japanese War period. The listing is arranged by period and within period by founding year.

Early period

Golden Hills' News (San Francisco), 1854-1855, weekly.

Oriental; Tung-ngai san-luk (San Francisco), 1855-1857, bi-lingual, every other day.

The Chinese Daily News (Sacramento), 1856-1858, every other day.

California China Mall and Flying Dragon (San Francisco), 1867-1875, weekly.

San Francisco China News (San Francisco), 1874-1875, weekly.

Oriental; Tang Fan Kung Pao (San Francisco), 1875-1903, weekly.

San Francisco Chinese Newspaper (San Francisco), 1876-1899, bi-monthly.

Chinese Record (San Francisco), 1876-1878? bi-lingual, bi-monthly.

Chung Ngoi San Po; The Weekly Occidental (San Francisco), 1878-1900, weekly.

Sui Kee American and Chinese Commercial (San Francisco), 1882-1901, weekly.

Chinese Daily Evening News (San Francisco), 1883-? daily.

Hawaiian Chinese News (San Francisco), 1900-1951, daily.

Chinese World (San Francisco), 1909-1969, daily.

Chinese Reform News (New York), 1904-1931, every other day.

Mon Jee Yat Pao (San Francisco), 1881-1907, weekly, 2/week.

Chinese American (New York), 1883-? Weekly.

Wen Hsin Pao (San Francisco),1891-1906, weekly, daily.

Oriental and Occidental News (San Francisco), 1913-? daily.

Chinese Republic News (New York),1913-1933, weekly.

Developing period

(1) Political party newspapers

Lai Kee Bo (Honolulu), 1895-1900

Wah Ha Bo (Honolulu), 1900-1907

Chinese Free Press (San Francisco), 1903-1927.

Min Sheng Jih Pao (Honolulu), 1907-1909.

Ta Sheng Pao (Honolulu), 1907-? Monthly.

Liberty News (Honolulu), 1908-1946

Young China Morning Post (San Francisco), 1910-

People's Tongue (San Francisco), 1914-1916, monthly.

Chinese Nationalist Daily (New York), 1914-1958.

Chinese Star (Seattle), 1921-1927, daily.

Chinese National (San Francisco), 1927- 1938,

Chung Kuo Jih Pao (New York), 1927-1933.

United Chinese News (Honolulu), 1928-1951, daily.

San Min Morning Post; Three People's Principles (Chicago), 1930-1972.

Chinese Sun (New York), 1931-?

(2) Others

Chi Chih Pao; Kai Chee Shan Bo (Honolulu), 1907-1912, every other day.

New Era (San Francisco), 1907-1910.

Wah Hing Bo (Honolulu), 1909-1919.

Han Min Po (Honolulu), 1912-1929, every other day.

Industrial & Commercial Daily News (Chicago), 1921-1943.

Chinese Times (San Francisco), 1924-

Hawaii Chinese News (Honolulu), 1926-1930, weekly.

Chinese Journal of Commerce (New York), 1928-1944.

Chinese Vanguard (San Francisco), 1928-1930, (Philadelphia), 1930-1932, (New York), 1932-1939.

Morning Sun (San Francisco), 1929-1932.

Chinese Weekly (Los Angeles), 1933-1955.

Sino-Japanese War period

Hawaii Chinese Journal (Honolulu), 1937-1957,

Wu Chou Kung Pao (New York), 1939-1953.

California Chinese Press (San Francisco), 1940-1952, weekly.

China Daily News (New York), 1940-

China Post (New York), 1942-1957, weekly.

Chinese American Weekly (New York), 1942-1970, weekly.

China Tribune (New York), 1943-1950.

Chinese Journal (New York), 1944-1945.

Chinese Pacific Weekly (San Francisco), 1946- , weekly.

China Daily News (San Francisco), 1949-1950.

Kwong Tai Press (Los Angeles), 1951-

United Journal (New York), 1952- , daily.

United Chinese Press (San Francisco), 1951-

A Research Bibliography of California's Chinese Americans. Rose Institute of State & Local Government, 1991. 47p.

Tong, Te-kong with the assistance of Robert Wu. The Third Americans: A Selected Bibliography on Asians in America with Annotations. Oak Park, Ill.: Chinese Culture Service, 1980. 69p.

A bibliography with an extensive coverage of many ethnic groups, such as Arabs, Chinese Indians, Koreans, Japanese, Pakistanis, Thai, Turks, and Vietnamese.

Vohra-Sahu, Indu. The Pacific/Asian Americans. Chicago: Pacific/Asian American Mental Health Research Center, 1983.167p.

An annotated bibliography of 257 items including books and periodical articles.

Yuan, Tung-li, comp. A Guide to doctoral Dissertations by Chinese Students in America, 1905-1960. Washington, D.C.: Sino-American Cultural Society, 1961. 248p.

Li, Tze-chung. A List of Doctoral Dissertations by Chinese Students in the United States, 1961-1974. Chicago: Chinese American Educational Foundation, 1967. 84p.

Yuan's list contains 2,780 titles of doctoral dissertations in the United States and Canada, continued by Li's list which provides 843 titles of doctoral dissertations by Chinese students in the United State with statistical tables.

Wasserman, Paul and Jean Morgan, ed. Ethnic Information Sources of the United States. Detroit: Gale Research, 1976. 751p.

Serves both a directory and a bibliography. Ethnic peoples are arranted alphabetically by their ethnic gorups except for chapters dealing with religious groups.

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