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    The book presents Congressional debates from 1870 to 1943 on legislation relating to Chinese. It covers Naturalization Act of 1870, the Fifteen Passenger Bill of 1879, the exclusion legislation of 1882, the amendments of 1884. the Scott Act of 1888, the Geary Act of 1892, the 1902 Extension, the Permanent Law of 1904, and finally 1943 repeal. During these years, Chinese were considered only persons singled out by nationality and race. The book gives substantial coverage of Congressional debates against and in support of Chinese. It is the first of its kind of legislative history of the most discriminatory acts passed by the Congress. The Exclusion Laws were finally repealed on Friday, December 17, 1943.

    Mr. Gold is a partner with the law firm Covington &Burling, DC. In 2003, he served as floor Advisor and Counsel to Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist.

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    Began in 1872, the Chinese government sent 120 Chinese boys to America to study. Most of them went back to China, some stayed in America, and two died in early age. The book is a history of these boys and their works and achievements and in particular the life of Yung Wing, the first Chinese student graduated from Yale College, and his mission in bringing Chinese boys to America. It also tells their sad stories. Yung Wing died pennyless and alone. Tong Shao-yi was assassinated at 73. One was employed and shot himself. The book presents also a brief history of turbulent China from 1861 to 1912.

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