Terence Chi-Shen Tao

Dr. Tao was born on July 17, 1975 in Australia and came to the Untied States in 1992. He attended Flinders University in South Australia, 1989-1992 and received a Ph,.D. from Princeton in 1996.

He has been professor of mathematics at University of California, Los Angeles, since 2000. . He served as assistant professor, UCLA, 1996-1998; visiting fellow , U. NSW, Sydney, NSW, Australia, 1999-2000; Clay Prize fellow, Clay Math. Inst., Boston, 2001- .

Dr. Tao received a number of awards, including GoldMmedal, International Mathematics Olympiad, 1988; medal, Flinders University, 1992; Fulbright postgraduate award,; Salem prize, Salem Prize Com., 2000; Packard Foundation fellow, David & Lucille Packard Foundation 1999- ; Research Fellow, Sloan Found., 1999-2001. He was recently awarded the 2006 Fields Medal, a "Noble Prize" of maths, and the MacArthur Foundation's genius grant.

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