Forty-eight percent adoptees in U.S. are Asian

A study, Adopted Children and Stepchildren: 2000, released by the Census Bureau, indicates that Asian children comprise 48 percent of the nearly 258,000 internationally born children adopted in the United States. Adoptees born in Asia come mainly from South Korea -- 22 percent of all foreign-born adoptees -- followed by 9 percent from China and 4 percent each from India and the Philippines. Out of adoptees under 6, 15 percent are from South Korea and 28 percent from China. For adoptees 6 years or older, less than 3 percent are from China. Thirty-five percent of all foreign adoptees ages 12 to 17 are from South Korea. About 1 in 6 adopted children is of a different race than the adoptive parents. The majority (75 percent) of adoptive parents are white; 2 percent are Asian. (Source: Eugenia Chien, AsianWeek, Oct 15, 2004

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