AsianWeek celebrated 25th Anniversary of publication

AsianWeek threw a birthday party and welcomed the community to a seven-course banquet on Oct. 29 in San Francisco. Some 700 people attended. "AsianWeek has significant meaning as an advocate since the APA population has been growing, with currently over 30 percent in San Francisco," said Betty Yee, chief deputy to John Chiang of the State Board of Equalization.

In August 1979, one person, the late John Fang, with just a few employees started AsianWeek serving a collective voice for the community: Reports James Fang, "AsianWeek became the first and continues to be the only paper to publish weekly from a shared Asian American perspective, using the English language as a connecting source to bind all of us." (Source: Ayako Jacobsson and James Fang, AsianWeek, Nov 12, 2004).

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