The Hes lost their daughter in a parental rights battle

Reports Guy M. Wong, the Hes lost parental rights of Anna Mae in a decision handed down in a Memphis court on Wednesday, May 12, 2004. The decision issued by the judge amounts to a character assassination of the Hes, none of which has any bearing on whether the Hes would be good parents. Circuit Court Judge Robert Childers of Memphis, Tenn, terminates parental rights of Chinese couple who say they were tricked into giving up their daughter, now 5, to foster parents when she was baby. Said Childers, the couple, Shaoqiang He and Qin Luo He, were "negligent and inattentive" to child and that their home is "unhealthy and unsafe" and they sought custody only so they would not be deported. The couple has spent four years trying to get their daughter back; they say they signed papers to give her up temporarily at her birth because they were overwhelmed and without medical insurance. The Hes asked for the child back about a year after the Bakers took her in, but they refused to give her up. The child remains with the Bakers, who are trying to adopt her.

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