Wen-han Chin at 90

Professor Wen-han Chin, born on June 21, 1913 in Beijing, had a very distinguished career as a scholar who bridged two cultures, Chinese and American. Prof. Chin was educated in the Chinese classics, Chinese history, Western law and international relations. After graduating from Tsinghua University, he received a Sino-British Boxer Indemnity Fellowship to study law at University of Toronto and received a LL.M. degree In 1942. From 1942-47, he was a Boxer Indemnity Research Fellow at the Law School of the University of Chicago.

Wen-han Chin

Professor Chin served as professor of law and political science at St. John's University, Shanghai, 1947-52, professor of law at Soochow University, Shanghai, and professor, Department of History at Fudan University, Shanghai, from 1952, specializing in international relations and modern Chinese history.

In the summer of 1984 he was visiting professor of Chinese history and government at the National academy of Science and social Sciences, Vienna, Austria. In 1985-86, he joined the Grinnell College faculty as visiting professor of Chinese history. In 1987, Prof. Chin conducted courses on Chinese history and contemporary issues at Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut, before returning to China in 1987.

Prof. Chin was also an artist in a much admired genre in Chinese calligraphy.

He died of a brain hemorrhage in Shanghai on February 19, 2004. He was 90. Prof. Chin is survived by his wife, Dora Xie-wen Wu; son, Yu Chin; daughter Xi Jin; and three grandchildren, all living in the United States.

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