Baker v. He on Good Morning America

The Baker v. He case involving an American couple's refusal to return a 5 year girl to her Chinese parents will be featured on Wednesday, March 10, on Good Morning America. ABC News has taped this case all along but did not want to air it until trial has wrapped up. They will feature taped interviews with the birth parents and the foster parents, as well as live interviews with their respective attorneys. The Bakers are suing to terminate the Hes' parental rights so they can adopt the little girl.

Both the Chinese Embassy in D.C. and the Committee of 100 have contributed greatly to the Hes whose attorneys are all working pro bono. San Francisco attorney Yang Li with the firm of Squire Sanders Dempsey successfully gotten the judge on the case to recuse himself. This case has lasted 4 years. According to the attorneys, no matter which way the new judge will rule, the losing side is going to appeal.

The NY Times, USA Today, Associated Press have all covered this event. More information on the case is available at either or (Guy M. Wong).

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