A study on status of CALA members released

Ms. Lisa Zhou, librarian at the University of Illinois in Chicago, provided her finding of the membership status Chinese American Librarians Association. Below is her finding:

In 1973 when CALA just started, there were 18 members. At that time, according to Dr. Tze-chung Li, about 1,000 Chinese American librarians worked in the profession in U.S.

Today, in CALA's membership database, we have a total of 970 registered names. Among them, 570 are current members. The number of our members, compared with that of 30 years ago when CALA started, has increased over 30 times. Twenty-three percent (23%) of the current CALA members are working in the public libraries, fifty percent (50%) in academic libraries or education institutions; eleven percent (11%) working in governmental libraries (e.g., Library of Congress, and military libraries); five percent (5%) in library-related organizations (e.g., OCLC); three percent (3%) in corporations; five percent (5%) are unidentified since most are retired and have no work institution input; three percent (3%) are in special libraries.

The current CALA members have been surveyed at the end of March 2003. Of the near six-hundred current members, nine percent (9%) of CALA members are working in the Public Services; twenty-two percent (22%) are in Technical services; twelve percent (12%) are special librarians (e.g., archivists, American culture librarians, and children librarians); twenty-seven percent (27%) working at the management level (e.g., branch managers, directors of a department, and heads of a library); eight percent (8%) are students in schools of library and information science; twelve percent (12%) are unidentified since the entry under the "Job Title" is "librarian"; four percent (4%) in Asian studies; two percent (2%) are working in non-library fields (e.g., managers in a book store); and four percent (4%) having "professor" titles.

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