Pacific Rim Institute formed

A new organization, Pacific Rim Institute, was formed on Saturday, July 24, 2004 in New York. The Institute, serves as a think-tank intended to promote U.S.-China relationship, advance mutual interest, promote co-operation, and maintain human righteousness and peace. The institute will be registered in both United States and China. The Institute plans to publish a quarterly in English and Chinese, sponsor forum, exchange with U.S. and China's think tanks, and do research in the following areas: Taiwan cross-strait relations, U.S.-China relations, China-Asia relations, China-Europe relations and other topics.

The Institute consists of a board of directors which includes John C. Chen, Yun Fan, James X. Haiung, Che-Tsao Hung, Tze-chung Li, Richard S. Liu, Robert Sun, and Tieh-lin Yin. Dr. John C. Chen was elected as its founding president.

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