Restaurateur Sih-Chuen Liu at 89

Mr. Sih-chuen Liu was born in rural Jiangsu, one of 12 children. He was tall about 6 feet with wavy hair. His first job was a pastry chef in a French restaurant. He worked in Shanghai's nightclubs and hotels and connected with the wealthy Soong family. He worked for the family of Madame Chiang Kai-shek.

During World War II, he was assigned to the staff of Adm. Milton E. Miles of the U.S. Navy. After the war, Mr. Liu worked aboard merchant vessells. In 1949, Mr. Liu went to Taiwan and cooked in restaurants and hotels. He waited for two years for his wife and three children escaped from Shanghai. In 1954, he came to Washington, D.C. and worked as a private chef for Madame Chiang's nephew. In Washington, Mr. Liu was a cook at the Peking Restaurant for seven years, until in 1970 he owned the Lang Lin Restaurant. All his children worked in the restaurant and graduated from the University of Maryland.

Mr. Liu's marriage was arranged and it lasted for 62 years when his wife , Ai-Chen, died in 1998. Mr. Liu passed away due to congestive heart failure on June 1. He was 89. (Source: Matt Schudel, The Washington Post, July 11, 2004)..

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