CASL moved to a new building

The Chinese American Service League (CASL) has moved to its new $5.6 million building, Kam L. Liu Building, at 2141 South Tan Court (Corner Princeton Avenue), Chicago Chinatown. The new building is a three-story structure with a bracingly fresh spin on Chinese architecture. Wrote Blair Kamin, "the Liu Building is an elegant silver box, the first in Chicago to be clad in the magical material of titanium. It would be considered a bright addition to the cityscape even if it weren't a community center that cost a modest $150 a square foot." A favorable critic of the building by Blair Kamin was published in Chicago Tribune , Sundary, July 4, 2004.

The Kam L. Liu building, designed by Jeanne Gang of Studio Gang Architecture, serves mostly Chinese with more than 30 social service programs. CALS claims to serve 15,000 clients a year, providing programs from day care to English lessons to chef training. Construction of the building is attributed to the leadership of Bernarda "Bernie" Wong, CASL's president, and lots of other dedicated people. (Blair Kamin, Chicago Tribune, July 4, 2004).

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