CAADT first issue of newsletter released

The Chinese American Alliance for Democracy in Taiwan (CAADT) released its first issue of Newsletter on the eve of July 4. It is bi-lingual in Chinese and English. The newsletter contains two major reports: (1) preliminary findings about "ballot recount" and "reexamination of voter registers; and (2) the mysterious 3/19 shooting incident: a ballistic firing test report (excerpt) June 30, 2004 by Gen Shuai Hua-min (retired).

The first report points out that there are over 40,600 disputed ballots and gives eleven issues of disputes. Among them, there are non-conformity of personal seal with name, receiving ballot by proxy, receiving ballot under misrepresentation, receiving ballots with inoproper Ids, affixing of fingerprints without certification, pre-affixing of election officials, and fingerprints not discernable. CAADT seeks for volunteers. Their e-mail address is:

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