Roy Chin passed away at 61

Roy Chin died January 27, 2004 at Lodi Memorial Hospital in Lodi after a long illness. He was 61. Roy Chin was the first Chinese-American firefighter hired by the Oakland Fire Department.
A special flag of honor is being flown at Oakland fire stations for Roy Chin. He chose firefighting as a way to express his heroic instincts to serve and protect society. He was a member of the busiest station, #1 Engine 32, aka "Suicide Squad," the first-response unit working without hydrant hookups at fires and emergencies. Those selected to be on this elite "SWAT" unit of firefighters had to be the best and brightest, quickest, most courageous and daring to risk being on the edge. Engine 32 was disbanded due to funding cuts. Roy went on to serve in other stations including 6 Engine Co., which fought the devastating Oakland Hills fire. Born in Salinas, California, Mr. Chin raised and educated in San Francisco; a US Air Force veteran who served in North Africa. He is survived by his wife, Lena and daughter Christine and step daughter Myria Coon. (Source:, Feb. 2, 2004).

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