Amy Chua in her new paper back views free market and democracy a cause for ethnic hatred

Amy Chua in her new new paper back, World on Fire (New York: Anchor Books, 2003. 346p.), considers that free market and democracy breed ethnic hatred and global instability. The author came from a wealthy family in the Philippines. Chinese constitute one percent of the total population in the Philippines, but Chinese Filipinos control as much as 60 percent of the Filipino private economy. They control the country's four major airlines and almost all of the country's banks, hotels, shopping malls and major conglomerate Nearly two-thirds of 80 million ethnic Filipinos in the Philippines earn less than two dollars a day.

Ms Chua gives examples not only in the Philippines, but also in other countries in Southeast Asia, Africa, and Europe to exemplify the problem of free-market economy and democracy. Free market and democracy contribute to increasiingly explosive collision between the three powerful forces operating in the world today: markets, democracy, and ethnic hatred. To her, one of the causes of global anti-Americans is the global spread of free markets and democracy. Ms. Chua is a law professor at Yale University.

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