Chinese Americans appointed Gunnenheim fellows

John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation announced Monday April 12 185 United States and Canadian fellows from among 3,268 applicants for awards totaling $6,912,000. Guggenheim Fellows are appointed on the bais of unusually impressive achievement in the past and exceptional promise for futhre accomplishments. Six Chinese Americans among 185 were appointed. They are:

Qianshen Bai, Assistant Professor of Chinese Art, Boston University: Wu Dacheng and the modern fate of Chinese literati art. (Fine Arts Research)
Huai-Dong Cao, A. Everett Pitcher Professor of Mathematics, Lehigh University: The Ricci flow on Kaehler manifolds. (Mathematics)
Hong Ma, Professor of Biology, Pennsylvania State University: Analysis of plant meiosis using three-dimensional light-microscopic techniques. (Plant Sciences)
Douglas Mao, Associate Professor of English, Cornell University: Aesthetic environment and human development in 20th-century writing. (English Literature)
Yin Mei, Choreographer, Port Washington, New York; Associate Professor of Dance, Queens College, City University of New York; Artistic Director, Yin Mei Dance: Choreography. (Choreography)
Xiao Cheng Zeng, Willa Cather Professor of Chemistry, University of Nebraska-Lincoln: Novel nanostructures of silicon. (Chemstry)

The John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation was established in 1925 by United States Senator Simon Guggenheim and his wife as a memorial to a son who died April 26, 1922. The Foundation offers Fellowships to further the development of scholars and artists by assisting them to engage in research in any field of knowledge and creation in any of the arts, under the freest possible conditions and irrespective of race, color, or creed.

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