Capt. Yousel Yee arrested for investigation

Army Cleric Captain James J. Yee, also known as Yousel Yee, was arrested on September 10 for investigation whether he was preparing to aid the detainees. Yee, an Islamic chaplain in the United States Army, ministered to detainees at the camp captured militants and suspected terrorists at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. He not been charged either by the military or by civilian authorities. Yee, 35, raised in Sprinfield, N.J. by Chinese immigrant parents, graduated from West Point in 1990. He was baptized a Lutheran and converted to Islam. Reports Eric Lichtblauashington, New York Times. the military had opened its investigation of Captain Yee before he left Guantanamo and that when he was searched, investigators found what appeared to be sketches or diagrams of the prisoner facilities at Guantanamo, and are looking into the possibility that he was sympathetic to prisoners there and was preparing to aid them in some undetermined way.

The military prison at Charleston, S.C., where Captain Yee was transferred after being arrested has also been used to hold suspects facing charges as enemy combatants who might be subjected to trial by military antiterrorism tribunals. Captain Yee has been portrayed as a model of a Muslim cleric in American uniform. He occasionally spoke to journalists visiting Guantanamo and was cited as a source before going there. Quoted by Mattthew Hay Brown of chicago Tribute, Yee said his role was to provide "a symphatic ear." He also said that "aany information that I hsve that puts people in danger, it's a duty upon meto brbring forth gthag information to ensurensafety and security [but] Gen. Miller has given me clear guidance that chaplains will not be used tin inter-gathering processes in any way. That compromises our role." (Source: Eric Lichtblauashington, New York Times, Sept. 21, 2003 and Matthew Hay Brown, Chicago Tribune, Sept. 23, 2003).

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