Chinese Americans among 400 richest in America

Forbes in October 6 special issue lists 400 richest people in America. William H. Gates III is on the top worth $46 billion. Four Chinese Americans are among the richest. Jerry Yang, 34, has $1.4 billion. He is co-founder of Internet portal Yahoo. Yang, an emigre from Taiwan, developed Yahoo in 1989 while pursuing master's degree of electrical engineering at Stanford. He became billionaire while pursuing his Ph.D. Yahoo has 100 million registered users. Patrick Soon-Shiong, 51, has $1.2 billion. Born in South Africa to parents who immigrated from China, he moved to Los Angeles in 1989. Soon-Shiong taught at UCLA's Medical School and left for business. He now owns stake in American Pharmaceutical Partners. Min H, Kao, 45, has $970 million. He has business in navigation equipment. Victor Fing, 58, has $1.2 billion. Fung, MIT and Harvard educated, runs family's Hong Kong based import and export firm, Li and Fing, for clients, like Disney, Coca-Cola and Kohl's.

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