Daphne Der-Fen Liu named Outstanding Professor at California State University

California State University, Los Angeles named its 2002-2003 Outstanding Professors at the University's Fall Faculty Day. One of the honored was Daphne Der-Fen Liu, professor of mathematics (San Gabriel resident). These awards are made primarily for excellence in teaching, but significant achievements are expected in scholarly inquiry or creativity, professional activities, and service to the campus and community.

Daphne Liu, a CSULA faculty member since 1991, has taught a wide range of courses--23 different subjects ranging from general education through graduate courses--and supervised more than a dozen graduate and undergraduate students in direct study courses. She has been instrumental in designing an upper division course on graph theory as well as an important core requirement course on discrete mathematics. She was also principal graduate advisor for mathematics, providing advisement and supervision to more than 60 M.S. students. Liu has been a visiting professor in Taiwan at the National Sun Yat-sen University, Academic Sinica, and the National Chiao Tung University. She is currently supervising two master's students on their theses. Liu received her B.S. from National Central University, Taiwan, and her Ph.D. from the University of South Carolina, Columbia.

Some of Liu's major professional achievements include more than 20 publications, some of which appeared in the most prestigious journals in her research fields. She has given more than 40 presentations at professional conferences, workshops and institutions nationally and internationally, including invited talks presented at Oxford University, Simon Fraser University, Rutgers University, and Caltech. She has refereed numerous research papers for major research journals in her field, and serves as a reviewer for NSF grant proposals. Liu is the recipient of two prestigious National Science Foundation research grants.

Her research involves both theory and applications, with a main focus on graph coloring problems including their interplay with number theory and their applications to broadcast communications, such as TV or radio channel assignments. For three consecutive years, Liu served as the final judge for a prestigious annual international contest for undergraduate students in her discipline.

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