The New Face of Asian Pacific America published

In celebration of the Asian/Pacific heritage Month, AsianWeek introduced May 7 its publication, The New Face of Asian Pacific America: Numbers, Diversity & Change in the 21st Century. The book consists of texts by nationally recognized scholars, activists and community leaders analyzing 2000 Census Data on Asians and Pacific Asians in the United States and breaking down ethic population with comprehensive charts and graphs. Writes Ji Hyun Lim, AsianWeek Staff Writer, the 283-page book, sponsored by PG&E and State Farm, contains four major sections. The first is an overview of APA demographic changes, as well as present demographics and future forecasts. Section two focuses on the ethnic breakdown of 11 APA groups, ranging from Chinese Americans to South Asian Americans, Korean Americans to hapas. The New Face of Asian Pacific America also focuses on the geographic dispersal of APAs throughout the West Coast, Mid-West, South and East Coast, as well as Canada. The final section of the book discusses the culture and society of APAs in the United States, including chapters on film and literature, popular culture, education, politics and civil rights, gays and lesbians and religion. (AsianWeek, May 9-15, 2003).

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