Mitchell Kwan won the championship in figure skating

Mitchell Kwan won the first place in preliminary U.S. figure skating competition and finally the champion on January 18 in Dallas Texas. This is her seventh national title and sixth in a row. Commented on her preliminary performance Liz Robbins (The New York Times,. Jan. 17, 2003), The United States Figure Skating Championships are Kwan's domain. With a stunning command of music, history and her own adrenaline, Kwan skated as if it were only natural to be in first place after the short program, paving the way for her seventh national title over all and her sixth straight." On the Olympic level, gold is the one medal that has eluded her; Sarah Hughes has it. Tonight, Hughes, the 17-year-old from Great Neck, N.Y., performed as if the gold was gilded to her skates."

In the final competition on January 18, Kwan defeated Hughes and scored her seventh U.S. figure skating championships. No woman since Gretchen Merrill from 1943 to 1948 has won six straight titles. "It's history, but if it doesn't happen, it doesn't happen," Kwan stated. Sarah Hughes, the Olympic gold medalist finished second, with Sasha Cohen third.

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