Splendid China closes its business

Splendid China in Orlando, Florida, opened on December 18, 1993 is a theme park for education and entertainment. Its 76-acre park features the magnificent work of more than. 120 artisans and craftspeople from China. They spent over two years here re-creating 60 of the most wondrous sights - in full-scale and miniature - of one of the world's oldest civilizations.

Splendid China is multiculturalism learning combined into exciting lessons on China, ancient lands, geography, archaeology, languages, the arts and much more, that any student, teacher, or chaperon would enjoy Its Performing Troupe provides world-class entertainment featuring international gold medal winning acrobats and the best dancers, actors, musicians, and other performers from China. It offers a spectacular variety of breathtaking acrobatics, folk dances in amazing native costumes, and award winning live Chinese music. Especially designed for convention/meeting functions, corporate parties, fund raising, and special events, this program provides the most extraordinary Oriental performances with a tradition of over 5,000 years and a timeless appeal that transcends all ages, languages, and cultural barriers

Splendid China announced December 30 closing its business in 2004. This determination was reached primarily due to the continued downturn in the tourism economy, as evidenced by the closing of other tourism-dependent businesses in the area. Despite several years of attempting to achieve successful theme park operations, the company has concluded that it could not longer continue to incur significant losses

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