Jennifer Ho graduated from law school at 19

When Jennifer Ho walked through the doors of Pace Law School at age seventeen, she was already an accomplished musician, a math champion, and a speaker of four different languages. Now she is ready to take the bar but she can't go to one. She just turned 20.

Amazingly, Jennifer began her college career at the age of twelve, enrolling at Carnegie Mellon University with a double major in Violin Performance and Business Administration.

At Pace, Jennifer excelled as a member of the Moot Court Program and the Public Interest Law Student Organization. The Moot experience encourages the students' creative and individual work, while gaining first-hand experience. The experience of Moot Court shows students what they can do as professionals and as human beings. Undoubtedly, what they experience and learn will assist them in their future careers.

With almost limitless options open to her after graduation, Jennifer has decided to move to New York City and explore the business end of the fashion industry and maybe even a singing career. (Source: Pace Profiles; supplied by Jindi Zhang).

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