Lily Yeh's achievements reported in OurSeleves

OurSeleves in its article (April 2003) features the contributions of Dr. Lily Yeh. The article is reproduced below (courtesy of OurSeleves):

For 17 years, Dr. Yeh has brought new possibility to Philadelphia's Badlands. As founder and director of The Village of Arts and Humanities -a combination of art school, social services agency and economic development project she started in 1989 - Yeh has turned a blighted neighborhood into a place of hope.

The former college art professor began by organizing the cleanuip of a garbage-strewn lot back in 1986, a place where hustlers peddled cocaine, heroin and other street drugs. Today The Village has a $1.3million annual budget and addresses health, housing and jobs. The center's volunteers have "cleaned and greened" 250 vacant lots in North Philly. Yeh now travels extensively trying to replicate her project in other American cities and abroad. "Can we solve all the problems of this wounded community?" asks Yeh. "No. But can we be here for another person? Yes. That we can do." For more about Yeh's work, visit

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