Katrina Leung was arrested for spying

Katrina Leung, 49, is a prominent business woman and member of the Republican Party in California. She donated money to both Republicans and Democrats, has been active in fund-raising for the Republican Party, and accompanied former Los Angeles major Richard Riordan to visit China to promote trade. She is sociable, personably, and very active in the Chinese community. Ms. Leung is regarded a successful business woman, until she was arrested for alleged being a spy for China on Wednesday, April 9. James Smith who recruited her was also arrested and charged for negligence. Mr. Smith, 59, a FBI squad chief in Los Angeles, recruited Katrina Leung as a paid agent She was paid 1.7 million for a period of two decades. Leung and Smith, both married, had affairs for long time. Smith continued to use Ms. Leung as an intelligence agent, even after a San Francisco supervisor told him that Ms. Leung was passing information to the Chinese. That supervisor admitted that he also had affairs with Ms. Leung. Mr. Smith joined the FBI in 1970. In 1971, he was transferred to Los Angeles in charge of national security. In 1978 he worked in the foreign counterintelligence squad, focusing on China, and in 1986 was promoted to squad chief. Mr. Smith retired in 2000.

Katrina Leung

In passing information to the Chinese, Leung used a code name "Luo" to the Chinese with a code name "Mao." She also used aliases including Chan Man Ying, Chen Wen Ying (her Chinese name) and Luo Zhongshan, Debra Yang, U.S. Attorney for the Central District of California, said that Ms. Leung admitted to FBI agents that she had passed on documents and information to the Chinese.

In interviews by The New York Times correspondents (Dean E. Murphy and Calvin Sims, Apr. 11, 2003), Michael Woo, former Los Angeles City Councilman who ran unsuccessfully for mayor said that Ms. Leung brought with her trade opportunities with China and the Pacific Rim, which in Los Angeles's fragmented ethnic politics served as an important entree at City Hall. Ada Chan Wong, president of the Los Angeles Chinese Chamber of Commerce said that Ms. Leung was always gracious in opening up her home for meetings, and that she volunteered her time, once serving as a judge for the Miss Chinatown pageant.

Ms. Leung came to the States from China as a teenager. She studied at Cornel University and the University of Chicago.

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