Thousands lined up to withdraw money from a Chinatown bank

Abacus Federal Savings Bank recently laid off and fired Carol Lam, manager of its branch office in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, for embezzlement. The story spread and panicky depositors lined up in the Sunset branchy and Abacus Bank in Chinatown to with their deposits. From April 21- to 23, over $30 million were withdrawn. Joining depositors were police, news media, and bank's chief executive officer, Thomas Sung, 68. Mr. Sung used a bullhorn on April 23 to beg the people to leave their money where it was. The New York times quoted Robert Albanese, northeast regional director for the United States Office of Thrift Supervision as saying "This isn't that uncommon... what is uncommon is for there to be a panic. It's very important that the people in this community settle down." (April 24). Ms. Lam, a 15-year employee who lives in Brooklyn. F.B.I. is investigating her for alleged embesslement.

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