Winona Evelyn Yee died at 81

Winona Evelyn Yee died on September 2 at age 81. Mrs. Yee was the first child born in Winona, Minnesota and was named after the town. Mrs. Yee worked long time as Chinese-English interpreter and U.S. federal Reserve bond examiner for 26 years. She spent much of her time in helping Chinese immigrants in the Chicago area to adapt to new environments. Write Shia Kapos (Chicago Tribune, Sept. 7, 2002), she was known to take Chinese to the immigration office to help fill out citizenship paperwork, to doctor and dentist appointments, to the Medicare office and grocery store. Mrs. Yee also kept up her interests in sports. She was a gold-medal winner in Chicago senior citizen ping-pong and basketball tournaments. Mrs. Yee died of pancreatic cancer in her Bridgeport home. She is survived by two daughters, a son, two brothers, a sister and four grandchildren.

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