Chinese women honored in San Francisco

The 2002 gala, "Half of Heaven: Chinese American Women of Honor," will be held on Saturday, September 14 at Hyatt Regency, San Francisco, honoring Regina Liang Chun, President of Bank of America; March Fong Eu, former California Secretary of State; Doreen Woo Ho, President, National Home Equity Group, Wells Fargo & Company; Maxine Hong Kingston, noted author; Eva Lowe, retired community activist; Katie Quan, Associate Chair and Director, Labor Education Center, Labor Research and Education Institute of Industrial Relations, University of California at Berkeley; Beulah Quo, performing arts producer; and Jade Snow Wong, noted author. The event is sponsored by The Chinese Historical Society of America.

The Chinese Historical Society of America, conceived in San Francisco in the fall of 1962, was incorporated as a not-for-profit organization on January 5, 1963. The Society is the first such Chinese American historical society in North America. Its first major publication, A History of the Chinese in California: A Syllabus has become a classic resource book used by students, historians, educators, and scholars in their research and writing about the Chinese in America.

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