Stan Shih the first recipient of Chang-Lin Tien Fellowship spoke at UC Berkeley

Dr. Stan Shih was awarded the inaugural Chang-Lin Tien Fellowship to speak "The Future of Innovations in Asia," at the Andersen Auditorium, Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley on March 21. Dr. Shih is Chairman, CEO, and co-founder of The Acer Group, Asia's premier PC maker and one of the world's top ten manufacturers. He is a brilliant entrepreneur and business leader with a humanistic philosophy to match, contributing to a number of noteworthy social and public organizations.

The fellowship was established in honor of the former chancellor of U.C. Berkeley and NEC Distinguished Professor of Engineering, with the purpose of strengthening understanding between Asia and the U.S. by bringing key leaders in business, government and academia from Asia to the U.S. and from the U.S to Asia to foster dialogue that will further U.S.-Asia relations.

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