Zack Zheng and David Lim mentioned two of the 14 heroes in New York's State of the State Address

New York State Governor George E. Pataki talked about 14 heroes in his January 9, "2002 State of the State Address." Of the fourteen heroes, two are Chinese.

Governor Patake said about these two heroes:

"Zack Zeng -- a 29-year-old employee at the Bank of New York -- emigrated to America from mainland China as a teenager. He worked his way through the University of Rochester, built a promising career in business and became an EMT to help his neighbors. He was living the American Dream. Zack wasn't at the World Trade Center on the morning of September 11th. But he knew that his emergency training could save lives. So he ran toward the danger and confusion. He was last seen on television caring for others. He died an American hero."

"Thanks to Port Authority Police Officer David Lim, hundreds of people who were trapped in a smoky stairwell are alive today. By urging them to continue downward rather than switching stairwells, he led them to safety just moments before the North Tower collapsed. He was trapped in the rubble for nearly five hours before being rescued. " ...... "We are joined today by these heroes and the family members of those who died. Zack Zeng's mother is proud that we are honoring her son. Unfortunately, she couldn't be here. But we are joined by Anne and Michael Angelini. I know that nothing any of us say can ease your pain. Your loss, the loss of one father, one son, two heroes, was a tragedy no one should have to suffer. But I hope this day reminds you that this state and this nation continue to stand beside you during this difficult chapter of your lives."

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