Michelle Kwan won the 6th national title in figure skating

Michelle Kwan, 21, won the 6th national title in figure skating on Saturday night, January 12. She received two 6.0's out of nine judges for presentation. With a total of six national titles, Kwan has tied Gretchen Merrill and Theresa Weld Blanchard for second place on the all-time list behind Maribel Vinson with nine. Philip Hersh wrote (Chicago Tribune, Jan. 13) , Kwan, the four-time world champion has had a topsyturvy session. She fired longtime choreographer, Lori Nichol, and Frank Carroll, coach for ten years. Kwan has become the first skater in memory to be competing without a corach. Her father Danny stands in her coach's place with moral rather than technical support.

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