Juulie Su won MacArthur Foundation Fellows Program prize

Julie Su was awarded the MacArthur Foundation Fellows Program prize. The $500,000 prize was awarded to 23 people in 2001 "to encourage people of outstanding talent to pursue their own creative, intellectual, and professional inclinations." Su, from Taiwan, graduated from Stanford University and Harvard Law School, directs litigation for the nonprofit Asian Pacific American Legal Center in Los Angeles. In Harvard Law Today January 2001, Gary Libman reports one of her cases: In 1995, Thai women and men had sewn garments 18 hours a day behind barbed wire. Under armed guard, they were forbidden to leave their workplace in a converted apartment in El Monte in suburban Los Angeles. Su sued retailers and clothing manufacturers for abuses and eventually settled the case for more than $4 million, when she was 26. Ms. Su grew up in Cerritos in suburban of Los Angeles. After graduated from law school in 1994, she decided to work for nonprofit cause.

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