David Ho offered vice chancellor position in Hong Kong

David Ho, the director and chief executive officer at the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center, is considering an offer to become a vice chancellor of the University of Hong Kong. Dr. Ho was born in Taiwan and received his degrees at California Institute of Technology (1974) and Harvard Medical School (1978). His best-known HIV/AIDS medication has not only provided a new direction for patients, but also won him a title of "Man of the Year" in Time magazine in 1996. Dr. Ho has been internationally recognized for his groundbreaking work with protease inhibitors, which in combination with standard anti-viral medications has provided a dramatic new direction for the treatment of HIV/AIDS patients. The AIDS Research Center has focused on the pathogenesis of HIV infection with particular emphasis on the dynamics of HIV replication in vivo. The center is also involved in studies to define the early events of transmission, using the SIV/macaque model. Dr. Ho is also an honorary professor at both Peking Union Medical College and Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences.

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