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Investment Services

Moody's FIS Online http://www.fisonline.com

Offers Company Data Direct providing information on more than 10,000 public companies in the United States drawn from Moody's Manuals.

Valine Line http://www.valueline.com

Provides information on stocks, mutual funds, financial planning, and quarterly review, lists a number of its products and services, and offers a useful "Glossary of Investment Terms."

EdgarPlus http://www.disclosure-investor.com

Consists of EdgarPlus - 6K, 8-K, and 10-C Filings; EdgarPlus - Annual Reports; EdgarPlus - 20-K and 20-Filings; EdgarPlus - 10-Q Filings; and EdgarPlus - Proxy Statements, and so on.

Bloomberg Online http://www.Bloomberg.com

Popularly used among brokerages. It features current, quick, and easy to read data on markets. Its home page displays areas for choosing as follows: Markets, News, Energy, Sports, Analysis, Products, Lifestyles, and so on.

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