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The White House http://www.whitehouse.gov

Provides the following categories of information: The President & Vice-President: their accomplishments, their families, and how to send them electronic mail; Interactive Citizens' Handbook: a guide to information about the Federal Government; White House History and Tours; The Virtual Library: contents of the White House Web site and the archive of White House documents; What's New; Site News; The Briefing Room; and White House for Kids.

The House of Representatives http://www.house.gov

Displays the following categories for choosing: What's New; House Operation; House Directory; House Office Web Sites including Member Offices, Committee Offices, Leadership Offices, Other House Organizations, Commissions, and Task Forces; and Media Galleries; This Week on the House Floor; Currently on the House Floor; Annual Congressional Schedule; The Legislative Process; Roll Call Votes; House Committee Hearing Schedules and Oversight Plans; Thomas (noted below); and Internet Law Library.

The Senate http://www.senate.gov

Provides seven choices: Legislative Activities, Committees, Senators, Learning About the Senate, Other Resources, and What's New. The category of Legislative Activities consists of Legislation, Schedules & Rules and Detailed Activities.

The Federal Judiciary http://www.uscourts.gov

Contains "information from and about the Judicial Branch of the U.S. Courts" (home page). It has the following categories: What's New; Frequently Asked Questions; For Public Review; Links; Search; Employment Opportunities; About the U.S. Courts; Publications and Directories; Newsroom; and Federal Judiciary Channel. Links provide access to eleven, DC, and Federal Circuits, International Trade, and others, such as the American Judicature society, Federal Court Clerks Association, Federal Judicial Center, Thomas, the United States Sentencing Commission, and Citizens for Independent Courts.

United Nations http://www.un.org

Displays a number of choices, including About the UN; Conference and Events; General Information; UN Reform; Audio, Visual, Webcast; Publications and Sales; Databases; UN News; UN Document; UN Around World; UN Member States; and main subjects, such as Peace and Security, International Law, Economic and social Development, Human Rights, and Humanitarian Affairs.

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