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Chinese Government and Agencies in the United States


For a listing of Chinese diplomats in the United States, refer to Diplomatic List. The Diplomatic List, of missions in the U.S., is prepared by the Office of Protocol. It contains the names of members of the diplomatic staffs of all missions and their spouses. Members of the diplomatic staff are the members of the staff of the mission having diplomatic rank. These persons, with the exception of those identified by asterisks, enjoy full immunity under provisions of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.

Chinese Embassy
2300 Connecticut Avenue, N.W.
Washington, DC 20008
Tel.: 202-338-6688
Fax: 202-588-9760
Visa office email:


Displays the following categories for review: Chinese consulate in USA; embassy information; about China; news; issues & events; China-US relations; economy & trade; education; provinces, regions & cities’ visa & passport; and useful links. The visa & passport provides I, visa applications; II, passport extension, renewal or replacement and travel permit; III, notarization and authentication; instructions for mail service; and Hong Kong visa and passport.

Visa application form, physical examination form for foreigners (only for X and Z visa applicants), application form for passport extension, application form for passport renewal and replacement or travel permit, notarization application form, authentication application form, and Hong Kong visa application form are available for retrieval.

It provides links to China news (China Internet Information Center0, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperatio0n, China’s Tibet, China’s Taiwan, China’s human rights, Embassies, consulates and missions, and to newspapers, magazines, news agencies, T.V. and radio stations.

Consulate General

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