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Weiqi or Go

Harry Fearnley's Main Go (Baduk, WeiQi/Wei-Ch'i, Go) Page

Consists of 25 sections, such as introduction, go links, computers and go, introduction to the game, books and bibliographies, playing go on the Internet, playing go by e-mail, FAOs, go products and services, rule sets, game records, teaching and studying go, and go variants.
For how to play the game, it lists a number of books, including Introduction to the game of Go and the Way to Go.

Introduction to the Game consists of the following sections: Go is unique among games, what makes Go so special, a brief history of the game, Go in the Far East, Europe and Britain, the British Go Association, how to play go, and so on.

The Way to go by Karl Baker is published by American Go Association in 1998 and now is electronically distributed free to users . The electronic version is maintained by Bob Felice.


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