Frontline biased show on Katrina Leung

I am extremely disappointed at the January 15, 2004 episode of Frontline. The presentation is extremely biased against Katrina Leung. Frontline kept using the insulting term, "Parlor Maid" to describe her is inexcusable. Almost all the people interviewed worked for the U.S. government, mostly former FBI agents. One of the interviewees, Notra Trulock, was the U.S. point man on the Wen Ho Lee fiasco (see Mr. Trulock was the one who singled out Wen Ho Lee as the sole suspect and leaked the story to the New York Times. While Frontline did point out JJ Smith was never put behind bar and is out on a $250,000 bail (at the very beginning of the show) while Leung was kept in prison for months before getting a $2 million bail and is barred from leaving her house most of the time (toward the end of the show), Frontline never made a direct comparison between the contrasting treatment between the two. As one of the posters (Alec Yannoulis of Chicago) said, the crux of the case should be on JJ Smith and Wm Cleveland, who allegedly provided classified information to Leung. Since when do we punish the drug dealers on the street harsher than the kingpins who call the shots? Smith and Cleveland are the kingpins and Leung is merely a pusher on the street. Was the show produced by the U.S. Attorney office prosecuting the case? (Guy M. Wong)