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A Chronology of Chinese-Americans


Fifteen Chinese are found in a cargo container at port of Los angeles.

A law firm headed by Robert E. Porges, is charged with aiding smugglers of Chinese immigrants. The firm earn more than $13 million illigitly over the last seven years. The fruad may change outcome of nearly 7,000 asylum cases.

The Chinese Holocaust Museum opens in September. The Museum is located at 379 15th Street, Oakland, California.

Wen-Ho Lee, a nuclear scientist, is set free on September 13 after 278 days in confinement. He pleads guilty for one count of 59, of illegally downloading secret data. In his judgement, Judge James A. Parker of Federal district Court states that "although, as I indicated, I have no authority to speak on behalf of the executive branch, the president, the vice president, the attorney general, or the secretary of the Department of energy, as a member of the third branch of the United States government, the judiciary, the United States Court, I sincerely apologize to you, Dr. Lee, for the unfair manner you were held in custody by the executive branch" On September 15, President Clinton says that he plans to talk to Attorney-General Janet his concerns that Dr. Lee is not treated properly by prosecutors. The editorial of Chicago Tribune considers the case of Dr. Lee "a national embarrassment."

Business Week names as two top entrepreneurs JoMei Chang, CEO of Vitria Technology, Inc., a software company, and Gino Tsai, president of JD Corp., maker of scooters.

Yung Soong Jin is honored as Hawaii's Chinese Citizen of the Year by the United Chinese Society of Hawaii on December 10


Elaine Lan Chao is appointed Secretary of the Department of Labor.

Ang Lee is awarded the best director for the movie, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, at the 58th Golden Globe Awards on January 21. The movie receives the best non-English language film award. It also receives ten of the Academy Award nominations including nods for best picture and best foreign-language picture on February 13.

Michelle Kwan wins her fourth straight U.S. Figure Skaging championships. Commented on her performance on Saturday, January 20, CNN states "it was impressive enough for seven 5.9s and two 6.0s for artistry from the nine judges." Ms. Kwan also wins fourth World Figure Skating championships on Saturday, March 24.

Dr. John Bu Tsu is appointed by President Bush chair of the newly established the President's Advisory Commission.

The Pehong and Adele Chen Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology Institute is established at Stanford University. Pehong Chen, founder and CEO of BroadVision (Nasdaq: BVSN), and his wife, Adele, donate $15 million to Stanford University to establish the new institute.

Chinese film, "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon," receives four Oscar awards on March 25: best cinematography won by Peter Pau, best art direction won by Tim Yip, best foreign language film, and best original score by Tan Dun. .The movie exceeds $100 million at the box.

According to the Census Bureau, the total population of Asians has risen sharply to a range of 10.5 million to 12.8 million, a dramatic rise from 7.3 million a decade ago.

An American team led by Ms. En-Ming Hsu, executive pastry chef at the Ritz-Carlton Chicago, is a gold medal at the World Pastry Cup in Lyon, France.

The First National Conference on Asian Pacific American Librarians (NCAPAL) is held in San Francisco, June 13-15, 2001.

On September 11, four hijacked airplanes by terrorists attack the United States. Two hit the World Trade Center in New York, one at Pentagon, and one crashes in Pennsylvania. The World Trade Center is destroyed and one side of the Pentagon damaged. The suicidal attack kills and injures numerous people, including many Chinese.

Chang Hsueh-liang, also known as "Young Marshall", son of Marshall Chang Tso-ling. Marshall Chang Tso-lin assassinated by the Japanese, dies on October 21 at 101.

John C. Liu, democrat, is elected to the New York City Council. He is the first Asian American ever elected for the major office in the city.

Dr. Joe Hin Tijo dies on November 27. He makes groundbreaking findings on the exact number of chromosomes.

Dr. Son-Hai Shi, 27, is the 2001 Amersham Pharmacia Grand Prize winner of the Young Scientist Prize for his work on memory and learning.

2002 [Links to events are provided]


Julie Su was awarded the MacArthur Foundation Fellows Program prize.

New York State Governor George E. Pataki talked about 14 heroes including two Chinese in his January 9, "2002 State of the State Address."

Michelle Kwan, 21, won the 6th national title in figure skating.

Wang Zhizhi of the Dallas Mavericks was honored with a set of stamps.


David Ho, the director and chief executive officer at the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center, is offered vice chancelloshipr of the University of Hong Kong.

Rev. John Fu died on Monday, February 11. He was 99.

Yun Tau Chee, who as the first Miss Hawaii helped break the color barrier in the Miss America pageant, died Feb. 21 in Kailua, Hawaii


Dr. Stan Shih was awarded the inaugural Chang-Lin Tien Fellowship of UC Berkeley.

Chicago on-site artist Grace Lai, 74, will be among those featured on local television station NBC 5.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Debra W. Yang, 42, was nominated by President Bush to be US Attorney for Southern California on March 22


Yo-Yo Ma is one of the honorees of the 2001 National Medal of Arts presented by President Bush on April 22.

Dr. Shin Wang, born on January 9, 1963 in Hong Kong, died on April 20, 2002

New York Chinatown hardest hit after September 11

Dr. Hongkai Zhao has been named 2002 Sloan Research Fellow.


Nation's Asian and Pacific Islander population profiled by Census Bureau.

Dean Lung is honored for his contribution to East Asian Studies at Columbia University,

Dorothy In-lan Wang Li is awarded 2002 Distinguished Service Award. of The John Marshall Law School.


Four Chinese Americans are USAMO winners in Mathematics honored in D.C.

Columbia University opens papers of Chang Hsueh-liang and Edith Chao Chang.

Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund received $300,000 donation from World Journal.


Yin Yu Tang added to the Peabody Essex Museum.

Robert Tjian heads Berkeley Health Sciences Initiative

The Chinese American Alliance for China's Peaceful Reunification (CAACPR) holds an International Forum for Peaceful Reunification of China at Hyatt Regency, Chicago.

Joann Lee named journalism dean at Nevada

Ron Li chosen as NASA scientist for its Mars Exploration Rover 2003 mission.

Quincy Wong died at 48.

The Academia Sinica elected 20 new members from 42 candidates on June 4. Many Chinese in the United States were awarded the highest honor.


King-lui Wu dead at 84.

. NBC presents "East Asians: changing mainstream America."

Gemstar and Henry C. Yuen in financial trouble

Theodore Yaotsu Wu elected to Chinese Academy of Science.


Yu Hsiu Ku died at 100

Chinese women honored in San Francisco.

Xiaole Liu a rising star in science.

Chinese among 40 richest under 40.

Winona Evelyn Yee died at 81.

Asians/Pacific Islanders high in percentage attending college.


Chang-Lin Tien passed away.

Chinese American Service League in Chicago to break ground on a new center.

Julie Chen joins a new anchor team of CBS moring program.

Chinese buffet restaurant sued for labor violations.


The number of Chinese students in U.S. rank second..

Charles B. Wang has stepped down as chairman of Computer Associates.

Many Chinese Americans elected to office.

Kam Fong Chun was 84.


Joanne Lee scores a perfect 1,600 on the SAT.

Jian Yu develops biodegradable polymer.

Sue Ming named Rhodes Scholar for 2003.

2003 [Links to events are provided]


Yuan Tseh Lee and Daniel C. Tsui opposing preventive attack on Iraq.

Dr. Hsin Cheng Chao elected president at Phelps Memorial Hospital Center.

Governor Locke chosen to give response to the State of Union speech.

U.S. Post Office issued a stamp of ram in celebration of Chinese New Year.

Xilin Asian Community Center in Naperville opened.

Mitchell Kwan won the championship in figure skating.

Asian Americans in Illinois.


George C. Tiao awarded honorary doctorate by Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.

NAE elected Tso-Ping (T.P.) Ma one of its 77 new members

Phin Suy won a $128 million jackpot in New York.

Luke C.L. Yuan died.

Iris Chang's new book, Chinese Americans, published by Viking Penguin.

Hwa-Wei Lee appointed Chief of the Asian Division, Library of Congress.


New Face of Asian Pacific American released.

Bright Sheng and friends performance in Art Institute.

Jack He seeks help for getting back his daughter.

Bill Moyers' Becoming American: The Chinese Experience to Premiere.

Ming Cho Lee is a recipient of the National Medal of Arts.

Heather J. Fong appointed acting assistant police chief in San Francisco.

Wang Pi-Cheng died.

Ithaca, New York, has a new police chief.


Thousands line up to withdraw money from the Abacus Federal Savings Bank in New York Chinatown.

Chung-Pei Michele Ma receives an APS award.

Lily Yeh's achievements reported in OurSeleves.

Tamaron Jang receives US Girl Scout Gold Award.

Katrina Leung arrested for spying.

99 Ranch a new attraction to Asian Americans.

Seven Chinese

killed in Pennsylvania crash.

Michelle Wie a top ten finish at Kraft Nabisco Championship.


Chiling Tong appointed Associate Director for Legislation, Education and Intergovernmental Affairs at Department of Commerce.

David Keh was 69.

The New Face of Asian Pacific America published.

Many Chinese Americans selected as Presidential Scholars.


John Kiang was 92.

Census on Asian and Pacific Islander Americans.

Top honors to Nelly Lau and Ben Fong-Torres at SFSU commencement

Belle Y.W. Wei named dean of the College of Engineering, UC San Jose.

Ming Tso Tsuang bestowed "University Professor" at UC San Jose.


Jeffrey Chang scores perfect at ACT.

C. C. Wang at 96.

Joseph Wong elected fellow of American Institute of Architects.

Alleged smuggler Cheng Chi Ping appeared in court.

Ling Cheung honored again for her volunteer work.


Asian-American/Pacific Islander students top ACT score in Illinois.

Which Chinese has transformed the San Gabriel Valley.

Jonathan Chang appointed to California State Industria Medical Council Member.

Thousands of deceased Chinese has been buried in U.S.

Lang Lang performs at the Mostly Mozart Festival Orchestra.


Roland Tseng donates priceless Chinese antiquities to California State University Northridge.

Peidong Yang is among 100 top young innovators.

Albert F. Yee named UCI Division Director.

UCSB acquires Frank Chin's papers.

Captain Yousel Yee arrested for investigation.

Wen-hsiung Li awarded Balzan Prize.


Daphne Der-Fen Liu named Outstanding Professor at California State University.

Douglas Fang at 38.

Chinese Americans among 400 richest in America.

One China Committee is formed.

Polly Bemis: A Chinese American Pioneer published>

Qing Hou and Lang Lang perform at Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

Deborah Jin and Xiaowei Zhuang win MacArthur awards.


Captain James Yee was released.

Wen Shi named Rhodes Scholar for 2004.

Professor Chen Dong suspended from research.

Four daily Chinese newspapers published in New York.

John Yen Wong installed president of Council of Real Estate Brokerage.

Philip Mei Chu, noted library architect, 83.

Calvin Chang reinstated at UCD.

Katrina Leung a triple cross spy.

A Chinese shrimp junk memorializes a community destroyed by a prejudiced government.


Splendid China closes its business.

Gradual shift from Cantonese to Mandarin in Chinese-American communities.

Asian Pacific Women's Center in LA provides housing and social services for battered women.

Yin Li wins the Siemens grand award.

An Tzu Yang at 80.

Jennifer Ho graduated from law school at 19.

2004 [Links to events are provided]


Heather Fong named acting police chief in San Francisco

Cupertino, Calif. beacon of Asian-American political participation

Guo Qing He received Teacher Excellence and Courage Award

Monkey stamp in celebration of Chinese lunar year


Two Chinese invented microwave process to produce steel

Harold T. Yee at 71

American Chinese Medicine Association formed

Fang family's San Francisco Examiner sold

One China Committee forms an East Chapter

Asian population surges in Los Angeles County

Amy Chua in her new paper back views free market and democracy a cause for ethnic hatred

Ling Hwey Jeng appointed TWU's new SLIS Director

Roy Chin passed away at 61

W. Atom Yee appointed dean at Santa Clara University


Joe Allen Hong at 73

Dr. Zhong Wei Chen at 74

Wen-han Chin at 90.

All charges against Caption James Yee dropped

Karina Lau killed in Iraq attack

Lily Li received two top broker awards of J.P. Morgan/Chase

Chinese Americans among 2004 40 Science Talent Search finalists

Judge Lenard D. Louie at 68

Deputy Chancellor Diana Lam resigned

Chinese Americans among the world's richest people

Disbarred lawyer and wife fined $1.85 million for defrauding Chinese immigrants

Toi Lonnie Young at 83

Baker v. He on Good Morning America

Festival honors Anna May Wong

Frank Fu CEO of Leadman Electronics


Paul Yu becomes 25th President of SJSU

Xiaodong Wang recipient of NAS award

Statistical profiles of Asian Americans

Wondries Toyota settles with Chinese buyers

Chinese Americans appointed Gunnenheim fellows

Benjamin H. Wu nominated Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Technology

Mei-wah Lee received $180,000 Stephen Joel Trachtenberg Scholarship

APAs only 1 percent of Fortune 500 corporate directors


Oldest and youngest graduates at CUSLA

Jonathan Jou named recipient oi National Educator Award

DA Launches Legal Clinic in San Francisco

Stephen Hsi-fen Soo at 75

Stanford University Asian American Awards honor students, faculty, staff and alumnus

The Hes lost their daughter in a parental rights battle

Chen Yi the most distinctive composers of her generation

Ti-Hua Chang named Columbia's notable New York

Hank F. Kung received Paul C. Acbersold Award

PBS will air a new documentary, "1421: When China Discovered the World"

Chinatown Museum Foundation received $660,000 donation from Raymond Lee

A study on status of CALA members released

Steven Chu named head of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

CALA's commemorative book published

Two indicted for sale of nigh-vision camera to China

Choa tries to save the Jewish North Bund area in Shanghai

Betty Wu appointed chair of President's Advisory Commission on Aian Americans and Pacific Islanders


One China Committee's open letter to Congress in response to Pentagon and U.S.-China Commission reports

Restaurateur Sih-Chuen Liu at 89

H. Johnthan Chao named department head of Polytechnic University

Chinese businesswoman beaten by a border inspector

Pacific Rim Institute formed

Clark Fung Chian Shen is shooting championship

Contracts must be in Asian languages in California

Betty M. Hong appointed head of Oakland Mental Health Services

Joseph Chingfu Chow at 72

Chinese Americans elected to Academia Sinica

Red flags of China fly San Francisco's Chinatown

Frank H. Wu new dean of Wayne State Law School and in Black Issues list of 20 scholars<\a>

Helen S. Chin was 56

CASL moved to a new building

CAADT first issue of newsletter released


Delbert Wong's biography signing event

New databases pertaining to 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act available

East Bay foundation bringing Internet access to China's remote schools

Hiram Fong, first Asian-American senator, at 97 <\a>

Asian Americans top in education and income among foreign-born immigrants

New York Chinatown improves slowly

Learning Chinese becomes popular

Ming Pao becomes 6th Chinese-language daily in San Francisco


Henry Lee concluded not assassination attempt on Taiwan's president

Democracy and Truth Alliance issued declarations

USS Chung-Hoon (DDG 93) on active duty September 18

Charles B. Wang Campus dedicated

Jimmy K. Meng won in New York primaries

Jacky So is new dean at TAMIU

Zhe "Zack" Zeng Way named in New York Chinatown

Nian-Tsu Wang at 87

Harris B. H. Seng died September 9

Columbia University's "Chinese Connection" September 10-11


APA student Success Center formed at San Francisco

Feng Shui becomes common in real estate market

Sarah Shun-lien Bynum selected one of the finalists for 2004 National Book Awards

Chinese Americans elected to the National Academy of Engineering.

Two separately adopted Chinese twin united

Chinese-Americans rise in New York politics

Forty-eight percent adoptees in U.S. are Asian

Chinese Americans have lower incomes, education levels and English skills in New York City

Honggjiie Dai and Peidong Yang received 2004 Julius Springer Prize for Applied Physics

Ha Jin's new novel published

Anna Chen Chennault appointed honorary president

Four Chinese charged with selling electronics equipment to China


The first Confucius Institute at University of Maryland

S.B. Woo reelected president of 80-20

Laurel Yong-Hwa Lee chosen one of the 32 U.S. Students as Rhode Scholars

Seventh World Congress on Qigong November 12 -15 in San Francisco

Number of Chinese orphans to U.S. highest in four years

Fairfield University Danke Li received $4,000 from Li Educational Foundation

Chinese herb shortage for curing malaria

AsianWeek celebrated 25th Anniversary of publication

Andrea Jung among 50 powerful business women in the world

Iris Chang, author of The Rape of Nanking, was 36

Leroy Chiao is NASA astronaut

Thomas H. Yu elected OFIC trustee

Samuel Wang awarded a Meck Foundation grant

Yongyi Song a recipient of the 21st Century Librarian Award at Syracuse

Eugene Huang appointed Virginia's Secretary of Technology

Norman Yee wins a seat in San Francisco Board of Education

Steve Chen moves supercomputing business to China

Chinese American school awarded $25,000 grant


Chen Ning Yang, Nobel laureate, married again

Larry Yee appointed to Acupuncture Board

Chak Yin Lee, real estate lawyer, indicted for fraud

Yang Ming Shan sentenced for intellectual property theft and fraud'?;

Income of Asians in America exceeded that of all U.S. families

Elain Chao and others stay in Cabinet

Conference in memory of Lilia Huiying Li December 5

Shiing-shen Chern at 93

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