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A Chronology of Chinese-Americans


Chinese American Association of Commerce is founded.

Overseas Chinese Environmental Engineers and Scientists Association is founded.


The Association of Chinese Soil and Plant Scientists in North America is founded.

Chinese-American Chemical Society is founded.


Wayne Wang makes his "The Joy Luck Club" unlikeliest hit.

Chinese American Computer Professional Association is founded.

Tze-chung Li assumed deanship of the Graduate School of Library and Information Science, Rosary College, the first Asian American ever appointed to be the head of an American Library Association accredited school.

Chinese American Forum is established.


Lily Lee Chen is chosen as mayor of Montery Park in California.

S. B. Woo assumes Lieutenant Governorship in the State of Delaware.

Thomas Oboe Lee wins the prestigious Kennedy Center/Friedheim award for the best new chamber music.

Chinese American Petroleum Association is founded.


Association of Chinese Social Scientists in North America is founded.


Michael Woo is elected council man of the city of Los Angeles.

Archeologists dip up remains of old Chinatown in Riverside, California.

North American Chinese Professor Association is founded.

Society of Chinese Bioscientists in America is founded.


Yuan T. Lee is one of the three Noble Prize winners in chemistry.

American Chinese Pharmaceutical Association is founded.

Chinese American Human Services Association is founded.

Chinese Institute of Engineers USA is founded.


Ronald Sing Wai Lew is appointed the first Chinese on Federal bench in Los Angeles.

Amy Tan publishes her best-selling book, The Joy Luck Club.

Works by 12 Chinese-Americans are in exhibition at the City Gallery of New York.

American Chinese Management Educators Association is founded.

Chinese Economic Association in North America is founded.

International Chinese Statistical Association is founded.


Chinese American Development Corp. buys 30-acre Santa Fe

Railway yard for $9.1 million to expand Chicago's Chinatown for housing and retail project.

U.S. Dept. of Justice seizes the On Leong building in Chicago's Chinatown, alleged to be a casino, part of gambling, racketeering operation.

Urban archaeologist Allen Pastron announces discovery of San Francisco's first Chinese settlement.

Chinese American Environmental Protection Association is founded.

International Chinese Transportation Professionals Association is founded.


Hard lives of garment workers are on display at New York Chinatownh History Project.

Julia Chang Bloch is named U.S. ambassador to Nepal by President George Bush.

Federation of the Independent Chinese Student Unions in the United States is founded.

The Photonics Society of Chinese-Americans is founded.

Society of Chinese-American Aerospace Engineers is founded.


Wallace Loh is appointed dean of the law school at the Univeristy of Washington. In 1995, he becomes Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs at the Univeriwyt of Colorado at Bouder.

Chang-lin Tien is appointed Chancellor of the University of California, Berkeley. He resigns in 1997 to return to research and teaching, possibly due to disagreement with the Board of Regents over their vote to end affirmative action policies in admissions.

Chinese-American Association for Natural Disaster Reduction is founded.


Cheng Yu-tung and Lee Shay-Kee donates $4 million to Yale University for Chinese studies program.

Chinese American Semi-Conductor Professional Association is founded.

North America Taiwanese Engineers Association is founded.

Elaine Lan Chao is appointed Director of Peace Corps.


Chinese American Educational Research and Development Association is founded.

Chinese American Nuclear Association is founded.

Chinese Information & Networking Association is founded.

Information Technology Management Association is founded.

Elaine Lan Chao assumes presidency of the United Way of America.


Pauline R. Yu, a noted Chinese poetry scholar, is appointed Dean of Humanities at the University of California, Los Angeles

Los Angeles councilman Michael Woo, a Democrat, loses his Los Angeles mayoral election to Richard Riordan.

The broken-down freighter, Golden Venture, brings nearly 300 Chinese refugees to New York.

Chinese American Biomedical Technology Association is founded.

Chinese American Oceanic and Atmospheric Association is founded.

Monte Jade Science and Technology Association is founded.

Taiwanese American Aeronautics and Space Association is founded.


According to the Census Bureau's projection, California is home to an estimated 870,000 Chinese, with almost 400,000 in Southern California. They are the largest Asian group in Los Angeles County and the nation.

Academic Association of Chinese Professors in America is founded.


A receiption is held by Bob Dole in honor of Madam Chiang Kai-shek who is 98 at Washington, D.C.

"Forgotten Holocaust" is exhibited at Weingart Gallery, Occidental College, focusing on Japanese war crimes against Chinese. Demonstration is held in large cities.

Immigrant survivors of shipwreck off New York coast go on hunger strike to protest government's treatment of them.

Lee Peng Fei is accused of smuggling illegal immigrants into New York.

Fannie Mae Foundation honors Chinese Community Housing Corporation in San Francisco with National Award of Excellence.

Files found in Oregon detail slaying of 31 Chinese in 1887.

International Chinese Environmental Federation is founded.


Two-year U.S. probe leads to capture of freighter crowded with aliens near Bermuda.

Ten Chinese women detained at Kern County jail, Bakersfield, California l seeking U.S. asylum end hunger strike

According to the Bureau of the Census, Asians, Pacific Islanders and Native Americans, growing twice fast as the national average, jumped 56% nationwide from 1987 to 1992, and receipts soared by 163%. Asians and Pacific Islanders own more than 230,000 businesses in California, 10.3% of all firms in the state, accounting for 9.2% of receipts.

The Food and Drug Administration issues warning on Chinese herbal products containing ephedra which is hazardous.

Gary Locke is elected Governor of the State of Washington.

Chinese-American Professors Association is founded.


Dr. Sun Yat-sen Foundation of Hawaii is formed to do research, chronicle, and exhibit Dr. Sun's links to Hawaii and the contributions of the people of Hawaii to his work to create a modern China.

Bill Lann Lee is appointed acting assistant attorney general for civil rights at the U.S. Department of Justice.

Z. Y. Fu, Chinese tycoon, gives $26 millions to Columbia University.

Steven Chu is one of the three Noble Prize winners in chemistry.

Wei Jingsheng, Chinese dissenter, accepts post at Columbia University

House panel subpoenas wrong person, history professor Chi Wang, by confusing Asian names.

A National Institute of Health report calls for wide acceptance of acupuncture.

Fund-raising controversy for alleged Chinese involvement begins.

John Huang requests for immunity from prosecution in return for testimony before the Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs in its investigation of Presidential fund-raising.

The Food and Drug Administration proposes rules to curb the risk of using herbal stimulant.

American Chinese Cultural & Economic Society is founded.


David Wu is elected House of Representative.

Henry C. Lee is appointed commissioner of the Connecticut State Police.

Eighteen people have been charged with smuggling 156 Chinese immigrants into the United States in the ship, Chih Yung.

Chinese immigrant Wei Liang Li and many other immigrants are subject to deportation because of fraud committed by his lawyer.

Eighteen people face charges for smuggling of Chinese immigrants to the United States on ship, Chih Yung.

A boat with 172 illegal Chinese immigrants are brought to San Diego Navy base by U.S. Coast Guard.

Coast guard discovers 150 Chinese abroad suspected smuggler's ship 100 miles off coast of northern Mexico.

Taiwan's old soldiers (former Nationalist soldiers) are forsaken in New York.

80/20 committee is founded in Los Angeles. The organization is intended to unite Asian Americans as a joint effort in election.


The Boeing Company contributes 1.5 million to build Seattle Chinese Garden.

San Luis Obispo plans to restore its Chinatown reminiscent of Waverly Place in San Francisco's Chinatown.

New research finds that 47 Chinese men served in U.S. civil war.

132 illegal Chinese are found on ship.(ship docked in Savannah, Georgia.

Wen Ho Lee, scientist at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, is arrested and imprisoned without bail in December for alleged illegally removing highly classified computer files.

A class-action law suit is filed in United States District Court under the Alien Tort Claims Act by 15 Asian women against Japan over sex slavery by the Japanese military during World War II. According to the Washington Coalition for Comfort Women Issues, and estimated 200,000 women and girls were abducted by the Japanese military in Korea, China, Taiwan, and the Philippines into military brothels.

The first Chinese Holocaust Museum opens in Oakland, California, exposing war crimes and crimes against humanity by the Japanese during Sino-Japanese War.

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