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A Chronology of Chinese-Americans


Individual Chinese are reported in Pennsylvania.


Chinese sailors are reported in Hawaii.


Five Chinese students are enrolled at the Foreign Mission School in Cornwall, Connecticut.


Three Chinese reside in the United States according to the census report.


Chinese "sugar masters" working in Hawaii. Chinese sailors and peddlers in New York.


Three Chinese students arrive in New York City on April 12. They enter the Manson Academy, Monson, Massachusetts. One of them Yung Wing enters Yale University in 1850 and graduates in 1854 with a B.A. degree, the first Chinese to graduate in the United States. Chinese students are brought to the United States by Rev. Samuel Robbins Brown, head of Morrison School, the first English school in China.


Three Chinese (two men and one woman) immigrants reach San Francisco. They have sailed on the Eagle.


Significant immigration begins with the California gold rush.

The first Chinese Museum opens on Broadway between Spring and Prince Streets, New York City.

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